Signs of a bad marriage counselor

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  • Tatiana

    Heaven forbid it would be called a "mommy stitch", so MOM could be happy! It amazes me how women will go to such lengths (pardon the pun) hehe----to make their man happy. Yet never contemplating that maybe the man could have had the surgery to make himself larger so that mom would be happy......



  • wednesday

    It's a mans world-or used to be. I had mine done after my last child. the catch is , like a tummy tuck and all, no further pregancy is advised. Women would get it done b/c of a "fallen uterus", leaking urine. I believe the kigel exercises are great, but sometimes no amount of exercise will help .

    . So while they either removed the uterus, or hiked it back up where it is supposed to be, they would tighten up the entire area.And yes, it should be called 'mommy stich" because it makes it feel brand new

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