6 Reasons The U.S. Should Slow Down

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  • back2dafront

    Yo crazy,

    I find it strange that people here want things to slow down in order to preserve life. Face it. Its going to happen. The sad thing is all of this 'slowing down' and 'waiting for inspections' is giving Saddam more time to build defensive positions and produce more weapons. If anything, all of this crap is going to cost more lives. Thanks alot.

    Like it's gonna matter how many defensive positions he builds???

    And you think he's building more weapons right now as inspectors are still in there AND spy planes are free to fly all over? I find that difficult to imagine. Maybe you have some inside scoop on this...???

    I just can't bring myself to conclude that we're just gonna go in there, bomb them out, help them set up a new government and everything will be fine and peachy. This war is extremely high risk. This ain't the Taliban we're dealing with. Bush better succeed in this cuz if not things ain't gonna look to pretty.

  • Southland

    Yeru wrote:


    This almost doesn't warrant comment, however, if his style grates TOUGH! Get over it, he reflects how most Americans feel.

    I don't believe this and like to see it get backed up. Remember 51% is hardly "most Americans."

    How is it that the USA is so RIGHT in their position and the majority of the other countries around the world are so WRONG? This alone makes me very suspicious.

  • Yerusalyim

    What Majority of what countries? 16 of the 19 Nato members SUPPORT the US.

    51%, where did you get 51%? Bush's approval rating is in the upper sixties, approval for the war is in the 70's %.

  • Erich

    Yeru: What Majority of what countries? 16 of the 19 Nato members SUPPORT the US.

    NATO-members represent only a very small part of the world. There are more than 250 countries world-wide; but only 19 NATO-members. Ask the people in Afrika or Asia or South America or in the neutral European countries about war against Iraq. Do you believe there would be a majority?


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