Do you worry that they might be right?

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  • LyinEyes

    I should explain what I mean a little better, Rayvn about the war making me doubt again.

    I was talking with my parents in law, also ex witnesses , and we were talking about the war and the economy. Gas prices are going crazy again, just in one day it jumped way up. Food cost, housing, just general living expense is outrageous. Crime is already bad, so many drugs and people willing to kill for the shoes a person is wearing so they can sell them for more crack.

    I am more worried about the thought of living in the "Last Days", not so much the war with Iraq right now. I don't think it will trigger armeggedon, but I guess since things are getting so bad and I have never seen things so bad IN MY LIFETIME, that it just seems to fit bible prophecy,,,,,,,,, I am quite worried about what the world is going to be like for my children,,,,,,,,but I am sure that older folks who lived thru WWII felt the same way. Many of the people who lived in that time , remember food and gas rations,,,,,,, and my parents in law were saying that it reminds them too, of the scripture in the Bible about ,,,, olive oil and bread for the day, costing so much.

    The only difference is now days, the crime and drug scene is terrible, people in a bad economy may do Lord knows what to support their habits , and that is just scarey.

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  • pr_capone

    I have no doubt in my mind that they are wrong. If by some chance they are right, their god is not one that I would want to worship anyhow.

  • abbagail

    Yes, I have had that 'worry' off and on. But it doesn't last too long when I re-think of the "new light" I have learned about the WT over the past year (see truthseekers2's two recent threads for some examples!) The biggest confusion in my mind (and I was discussing it earlier Saturday with a friend), is I do not know how to reconcile the obvious "blessings" I know I "received" when I was a JW. At times I have concluded that God could "reach us" and "bless us" even if/when we were in the "wrong religion." Other times I have thought that God allows all the different religions to exist because He knows we all have different personalities, and some may "do better" in different (religious) "set ups." Some people may "prefer" the structure and discipline. Others may "prefer" or do well in a different "religious set up," etc.

    As far as the "last days," war, great trib, armageddon and all that: The JWs are not the only ones who believe in a great trib/armageddon. I like to listen to these others' interpretations of these prophecies as well, which I NEVER would have done as a JW (all during the 80s I was a JW). I enjoy the "freedom" to hear what the 'other religious guys' have to say on the subject. It's quite interesting actually. And I still believe it will come. I just don't know "for sure" when/how it will transpire, but I believe it will come "whenever."

    And as one of you said above, war is scary no matter what. I keep thinking of the scripture (Psalms?) where it said when "wickedness (or evildoers) sprout as vegetation upon the earth, then it is they will be annihilated..." and to me that is a perfect description of these terrorist cell groups 'sprouting' everywhere on the planet. --- Another scripture I remember the JWs debating was the one (Hebrew Scriptures) of how the tongues of the wicked would rot in the mouths. Do you guys remember that one? When I was a JW they would "speculate" that might mean when the ozone layer is destroyed to the point the sun's rays would come thru too intensely and cause this "rotting." However, I think now that's a pretty good description of what would happen if/when we are exposed to bio/chem warfare. Whattaya think?

    BTW, I tried something "new" the other day by praying directly TO the "holy spirit" and got the help I needed almost immediately. It was cool!


    That's a good question. Had you asked me 19-20 years ago, I would have said then: yes.

    Now? NO

    I do not worry that they might be right; because I don't think that they ever were (post-JW).

    I am concerned about the state of affairs on this planet these days, but I don't have even an inkling that this present situation, is attributed to the 'last days' etc. or any other WTBTS prophetically inspired ponderances.

    I enjoy my life, everyday.

  • archangel01

    No, if you do your research well then you find out the real truth. All religions are false and man made and God is going to get rid of them all. The reg. plain Bible is the real truth and Jesus is the way don't let man mess or tell you otherwise. Follow Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gumby

    If you have to ask the question..."what if they are right" are NOT convinced that they are wrong.

    You need to either do more re-search on the Witnesses (with all the available tools that shouldn't be a problem ), and prove to YOURSELF they are in error/or not, ........or be honest with yourself and not let your emotions and former brainwashing, cloud your head and convince you of something you really know is false. You won't be happy until you do.


  • DanTheMan

    Yes, the news worries me like you wouldn't believe. I'm getting ulcers over this crap, I'm sure of it.

  • Ravyn

    I know JWs are not correct, in fact I am not even Christian anymore. So it is not a problem for me. But I am on other exit fundy boards and lists and it is a big deal to alot of people to worry about burning in Hell, and Satan tricking them into being happier out of it than in, that sort of thing. That is why I posted it. And I also wanted to share that others who were never JWs have the same concerns when they leave. We are not unique in that.


  • logansrun

    No, not anymore. There has been so much irrefutable evidence that disproves the JWs as well as the Biblical God in my mind that I feel both have been logically disproven. Of course, science really says you can never be 100% certain of anything. I give the JWs a 1 in 10,000 chance of being right and Christianity in general a 1 in 9,999 chance of being right. I sleep well at night


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