ever had the door slammed in your face?

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  • Mystla

    Um, Searchin... were you in Oregon at the time? Your story gave me deja vu (sp?) It sounds exactly like something that happened to me.. two older sisters, another about my age, and myself.. guy threatened to use his shotgun, we got stuck, he came out with his tractor and got us unstuck... this is so weird!

    I've had my share of slammed doors, lots of swearing, and three times that guns came into it.. people can be really unpleasant.. It didn't help any that I really hated bothering people at home.


  • BeelzeDub

    My most memorable experience was when I was about 12 y/o at a door with another kid the same age and an old WWI vet came out of the house yelling at us because we would not serve in the armed forces and chaised us down the sidewalk yelling "I'd like to shove a bayonet (sp?) up your asses"

    It was a damn good thing he was an old fart and we were young, because I think he would have done it if he could catch us.

  • Tatiana

    OOOOOhhhhhh.......there's nothing like going door to door in the deep south. Especially when your best friend and fellow "dooree" is Black. Oh, the names we were called......the dogs that were sicked.....the doors that were slammed after the namecalling....I can't count the times we returned to the car in tears shaking. Sometimes running as fast as we could.

    I even had one old woman try to put a "curse" on us! She started saying words I'd never heard. My mom said she was demonized. I NEVER went back to that house!!!


  • shera

    Yes,I had a few doors slammed in my face.Oh what fun!I remember this one man...he just stood there glareing at me threw his glass door,not saying a word.He seriously looked like he wanted to smack me silly.

    Another sweet woman...screamed about taking her daughter away from her.Now I do understand why she freaked so much.

  • Cicatrix

    My very first door was a woman who announced that she wanted to be on the do not call list before she slammed the door in my face. What a way to begin:)

    The worst was the guy who chased us to the car with a shot gun. Seems his seventeen year-old son was studying without his permission and he wasn't very thrilled about it.

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