ever had the door slammed in your face?

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  • nightwarrior

    How did you handle the embarrassment?

    What was said to you?

    Did you feel good about it, and say that 'it was done to Jehovah' and take pride in it?

    Were you ever assaulted on the ministry?

    Oh the list goes on.....


  • pr_capone

    The first time I went out in service in the U.S. I had the door slammed in my face. In fact, it was the first door I ever knocked on in the U.S. I was the door with the P.O of the congregation. The guy came out and started yelling about how he didnt want us on his porch.

    As we were walking off the porch I said... "that guy was real pissed off!"

    I then got a lecture about watching my language.

  • Elsewhere

    I would think...

    "I don't understand... why would someone turn away the truth? How could they not know that I was bringing them the truth when it's so obvious?"

    I have since had a corrective procedure to remove my head from my ass.

  • JH

    Is this guy related to you elsewhere?

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  • mouthy

    ROTFL Elsewhere

  • Kenneson

    I had plenty of doors slammed in my face. "I'm a Catholic and I'm not interested." Bang goes the door. But my most memorable day witnessing was in my own hometown when this man ordered us out of town and sicked a dog on us to try to force us to leave (thank God the dog had a muzzle on and we had already reached the other side of the fence). Afraid that the dog might succeed in jumping the fence, we beat a hasty retreat to the car. When the man saw us continue down on another street, he called a cop. But even that didn't work, because the cop, who spoke to us, did not try to stop us. This is the same town, which when the Witnesses first preached in the 1940s, threw them all into jail for being Nazi sympathizers and inciting anti-Catholicism. Those portable phonographs and Judge Rutherford records didn't settle well with the populace. The Witnesses left graffiti on the jail's walls saying how they were being persecuted for Jehovah's sake.



    Yup, had it happen a few times. I hated it, but understood why it happened.

    It wore me down sometimes, if you had a couple of them in a row. Real filthy-mouthed asinine people. The worst: this one guy who followed us down the road, spouting off putrid remarks and hounding us even at other doors. He wouldn't let up. But when we were at another door, the householder looked out and said to this guy: "DO YOU MIND? I am quite capable of handling these people, now shut-up!" I kid you not. The householder did not like this neighbour (gee I wonder why?) They were nice, told us not to worry about 'him'. They weren't interested, but were polite and friendly.

    We didn't do any more calls after that. That knocked the wind out of my sales.

    I could go on about others, but there was nothing particularly unique about them, just angry and obnoxious.

    Glad I don't do that anymore .

  • Searchin50

    Yes I have had lots of doors slammed in my face.

    My most memorable experience was ---I was about 25 yrs old

    had 2 old sisters, and another one about my age with me.

    Anyway we are out in the boonies, way out. I'm driving I go down

    this very long lane, it is springtime the lane is very muddy bad muddy!

    it is my turn at the door, so I'm talking to this man big burly guy and ugly!

    I'm at his back porch and he says to me , do you see that shotgun

    sitting there ? I said yes I do , he said I will use it on you if you don't

    shut up and get out of here , and don't you ever come back !

    So of course I humbled myself and told hopefully we would never

    see each other again.

    Well as you may recall the muddy lane------ yes I got stuck!!!!!!!

    Buried the car, buried it I tell you.One sister was in tears as I had

    already told them all the gory details, poor thing was beside herself.

    So anyway out comes the man on his farm tractor, says he is going

    to pull me out! I said oh no your not, we will push this car out

    by ourselves! He said no I will do it just to get rid of you or

    do I have to go get the shotgun? So of course he got us out!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was a long time ago, but I still laugh about it.


  • freedom96

    The worst it got for me was one time a lady had such a fuss about us being in her condo complex that she went out and took pictures of us going door to door, and of our car and license plate.

    As much as I too wished I wasn't there, I thought she went a little overboard.

  • Brummie
    How did you handle the embarrassment?

    I Wasn't embarrased, twas persecution for rightousness sake...and something to remind me of how many goats we had in the territory.


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