Have I changed?

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  • jezebel influence
    jezebel influence

    Dear wendy
    I just want to tell you that I also would miss you if you stopped posting.You have a way of making people feel very welcome,and i am sure you would be a great friend to those lucky enough to know you.

    Feel better O.K?

  • chester


    I don't post often but I read a lot. Your Posts are among my favorites.

    Thank you for welcoming me the first time I posted.


  • Seven

    Wendy, You are just as kind, sweet and lovable as the day you arrived here-nothing has changed. Thank you for being you. Seven


    Dear Mommy,

    I am very new to any chat room let alone this one and my main concern, like somebody else has already said, without seeing the people we are talking to, without the subtleties of intonation and facial expression it is so hard to judge intent and sincerity.

    Even so, it is obvious that some of our friends in this medium are hurting, some are judgemental, some are sad. Some have obviously been damaged by the WTS and some were probably damaged before they joined. e, we all have good days and bad days which colour our reactions to postings but may I say that I feel like I have made many friends in the forum. You have always impressed with with your pragmatism, your common sense, humour and warmth make me want to know you and the forum would be a much lomlier place without you imput.

  • Kristen

    I've always enjoyed reading your posts. You have never been afraid to be yourself on this forum, and it is so refreshing to see ones like you (and Es and a few others) not be afraid to show true warmth and compassion to some here who truly appreciate it. You are the kind of person that I would pick as a friend.


  • Grunt

    Hello Wendy,
    I don't come here all that often, though it is the only religious board I read any more. I have had to stay much too busy lately, and I regret that. Also, I am trying to do a little active work and deal with Witnesses face to face. When I do come I glance at the posts and only have time to read a few. The fact that I read this one should tell you that I respect you. I hope you stick around and continue to help those who find their way here. You, Frenchy, Waiting, Seven and all of the old crew will always have my affection and respect.
    I appreciate your being true to who you are and I try to do likewise, no fake persona just another nickname for the same old guy. I love your picture, and I too love to go to the Blue Ridge Parkway, Grandfather Mountain and various areas close to you. I think one of my favorite views is the one from the Huntress Dianna statue in front of the Biltmore Estate with the mountain behind that home. It seems to offer beauty from man and nature. I wish you peace and happiness.

  • Seven

    Grunt, I know this is Wendy's thread, but wanted to give you a quick ((hug}} before you take off again. Always good to see you. Seven

  • LovesDubs

    Hey Mommy"

    You remember as Dubs we werent allowed to FEEL anything ever. So for you to have the opportunity to have honest feelings and reactions to things is a blessing. You are probably saying and feeling all the things you wished you COULD have as a Dub. We never were allowed to revel and party and laugh and enjoy each other's company. We were always GUARDED and WEIGHING every thing so as not to "stumble our brothers" and there was no loud singing and waving of the hands and praising of the Lord in the halls. It was always somber as a funeral home in there. No joy. No honest anger either. We were atomatons...with grey blank stares. [=O]

    So dont fret mdear :) I have always felt you were very fair. I always love it when Mommy reads and comments on my posts too...like a little kid, I feel if SHE read it, it must be worth reading

    Hugs, Loves

  • digderidoo

    I don't think you've changed. Certainly in the last month or so i've been here, i would say the atmosphere of the board has changed. I would say that some who post here, just want to provoke a reaction.
    Personally....i do not post on there threads.
    If you feel you have to comment, then just be yourself...i've always found that you are one of the posters who seem genuine and easy to talk to.

    Yours dig

    Try to add life to your days, not days to your life.

  • Englishman


    You seem OK to me, mind you I'm very cute n' cuddly meself.


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