Have I changed?

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  • mommy

    As most of you know I am new to the world of the internet. Therefore I am new to the Discussion Board forum. When I first entered Simon's place, I did not fear to speak my mind. I answered posts honestly, as I would in real life. I tried to remain civil, as my personality in real life is as well. And if I was invoked to anger I reacted, as I do in real life.
    Now it appears I have gotten more angry, and more outspoken. Something I do not do in real life. Here I call people as I see them, in real life I wouldn't. I am very upset at some posts, and don't know what to do with this anger. I am also touched and my heart cries for some posts, and I don't know what to do with that emotion as well.
    In the past on the forum, I would share myself, and my experiences willingly. Now I find myself more fearful of replying to certain posts. But find I am reacting more to the posts that invoke anger.
    In the cyberworld, you could portray to be anything, or anyone! Say things that hurt people(if that is your intent)and then run away laughing at the response. I feel I am just feeding those poor hearts that enjoy this.
    Recently on this forum there has been much discussion of a few newbies. I didn't really read all that was involved, for fear I would react again.
    But I can honestly say I am drawn away from posting because of this. I feel like guarding myself more, and not being as honest as I was before. I guess in cyberspace it doesn't matter, and fortunatly I am not like that in real life.
    The reason for this thread? I have no idea I just had to get it off my chest.
    My love to all you honest posters who have been here for me, and continue to remain constant. And for those that are just here to make a point or to invoke reactions...please remember some really do have feelings that are hurt by your cowardness of hiding behind multiple personnas.

  • claudia

    Mommy we love you too. I know what you mean about reluctance to reply to certain topics.

  • Fredhall

    You got alot of changing to do Wendy.

  • claudia

    Fred how do you come up with such funny responses so quickly, honestly this place wouldnt be the same with out you!

  • ISP

    Hi Mommy,
    I've always found you a very fair-minded and warm character. I've not known you to cause offense.

    I hope you stick around as you are an asset to the board. Hope ya get things sorted out.


  • Gopher


    You haven't changed, except for becoming more perceptive. The forum has grown rapidly, so the atmosphere out here has changed somewhat. It can still be a wonderful place for new people to come and seek support, as long as they don't come here pointing accusing fingers in their very first post, for God's sake.

    Nobody can possibly respond to all posts, who has the time now? That's with the possible exception of Fred Hall, who unlike you Wendy, will never change and grow.

    So we can use discernment, jump in only when we feel comfortable, at what feels like the right time, and share our two cents worth. Hopefully people will be able to express their heartfelt ideas and differences, without being flamed or sneered at by holier-than-thou posters.


  • RR

    It gets a little difficult Wendy, because we're just names on a screen, and we tend to read into things that aren't there, and we tend to read HOW we think the person is posting.

    Personally I still love God and Christ and haven't blamed them for anything in my life. so I steer away from certain postings that I feel are not spiritually uplifting, and others the the occassion ragging on certain ones like Fred, if I really can't say anything nice about a certain person, I rather not say anything at all. Unless of course it's warranted! :)

    Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, it's not God's fault!

  • think41self


    I was just having an interesting discussion with my teenage son about human interaction on the net, without the benefit of hearing their tone and voice and seeing their facial expressions. It makes us realize how much we rely on that in face to face communication. Here, we do not have the benefit of that, all we have are the words on the screen, and perhaps previous knowledge of that person's personality type.

    When all you have are the words on the screen, SO MUCH can be influenced by your own frame of mind at the time, and your own experiences in life. I personally give everyone ALOT of leeway before getting upset about something they've "said", realizing that I may not have gotten the full meaning of it. Just my 2 cents worth.

    And Wendy, You have shown yourself to be a very warm and caring person! I already admire you as a person and a good mother, and I've only "known" you for a short time. Please don't let the criticism of a few affect you too much. You know your worth as a person, and need not depend on the approval of a few who are incapable of approval of anyone but themselves. Never let others change you:):)


  • peaceloveharmony



    you are a beautiful and wonderful woman. don't worry what some may say, you have many friends here who care about you and love you!


  • unanswered

    wendy-i know that your post probably wasn't directed to me, but i just wanted to say that i can't recall finding any of your posts offensive.:) i think your voice on this forum is very valuable, you are one of the people whose opinion i am always interested in. cheers-nate

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