Is it really that great being one of the Governing Body Members?

by John Aquila 28 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

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  • prologos

    8 minutes ago
    Easy access to kidsI think that is a hit below the belt. It is true, that the Jesus story also mentions kids interactions, - but with prominences' past gone over with a fine comb nowadays , and resignations left and right of the political spectrum, I doubt that jw parents are proffering their kids, and those 7 present presidents would pounce. Statistics are against such a small group of old married men comprising one active pedophile. imho
  • ShirleyW

    I agree Caleb.


    Leo Greenles liked to have back-rubbing parties/underwear wrestling matches. So yeah, it's good to be a GB member.



    I just had a vision of Jackson's O-face....( shudder...) 😕


  • Vidiot

    Data-Dog - "Leo Greenles liked to have back-rubbing parties/underwear wrestling matches."

    Could have been worse.

    Could have been circle jerks and gimp outfits.

  • berrygerry

    Magnum nailed it.

    Big fish in a very small pond.

  • Dunedain

    My ex-Grandmother inlaw, was OBSESSED with being up the GB's asses, and since we were in a congregation in the NYC borough, she had "access" to them. Brother Henschel, who at the time i think? was the top GB, was literally invited to my ex-wifes BRIDAL SHOWER, by my ex-grandmother in law. The crazy thing is, he actually WENT, and was the only male at the bridal shower, even i wasnt there and i was the groom, lol. She used to shower him with gifts and cash, and she would call him her "personal angel".

    Henschel NEVER said a word about like "please, i am just a humble servent", NOPE, instead he would eat it up. His grubby hands were out all the time for her cash. He probably looked at it as a type of "business move" to go to my ex-wives shower. Knowing that by continuing to be her "personal angel", she would keep dropping the cash. I heard, cause i wasnt personally there, that at the bridal shower he sat at a table and chair of prominence, like he was a "god".

    It still baffles me till this day, 20 some what years later, that he had the balls to be the only dude at a bridal shower, and was the head of the governing body, and all because my ex-grandmother was financially rich and everyone, including the GB, KNEW it.

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