Is it really that great being one of the Governing Body Members?

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  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    Movie stars travel to, or buy their own private beaches, they get invited to fun parties, and are able to buy not one, but several fast sport cars like Jay Leno. They can buy their own planes and helicopters and fly them like Harrison Ford. (How much fun would that be?)

    Many love to walk the red carpet in their designer dresses and diamond necklaces which they rarely buy. They write books on romance, success, and biographies and they sell like hotcakes. They buy the best jewelry, go to all the sports games, Broadway shows, and eat at the finest restaurants in the world.

    They can afford the biggest mansions on the market with a huge swimming pool, tennis court, and a theater room bigger than most average homes, And they can actually enjoy them.

    And when they break the law, many times they get breaks that average people just don’t get. Even when they commit indiscretions, people tend to forgive them. (Think Tiger Woods)

    On the other hand Governing Body members get room, and board but their travel is unlike other wealthy people. Their travel is for purposes of giving WT talks in certain cities---Boring----

    The GB are under the constraints of their own stupid laws and visibly they have to abide by them or get disfellowshipped like Ray Franz. So no wild parties, they can’t buy their own sports car or planes. They can’t write any personal biographies and make money. They can’t use any of the billions of dollars to buy their own personal mansions. I’ve never heard of any of them attending a basketball, football, or soccer game.

    If they commit an indiscretion like Tiger Woods and the world finds out, (they are done, out into the street they go) None have any True friends, because all their friends are conditional. Their cushy life is hanging on a very thin thread. It’s almost like being the Kingpin in a prison.They run things in their little prison, but they are still prisoners.

    Being a GB is really only one step, maybe two above a regular JW. They are trapped and slaves of their own “concept”

    Watchtower Slaves

  • prologos
    I could not live like them. not even with the schedule of a CO.
  • Magnum

    I see what you mean; I'd be miserable. I believe what you say is right, but it's relative. Relative to the real world, they are zeroes and should be miserable. But in their own little world, they are at the top; they are virtually worshipped by millions of JWs, and I think they love it and would be majorly depressed if they lost their status/position.

    I have seen how some JW men crave doing just simple things like carrying microphones or being magazine servants. Others are desperate to give public talks, to be elders, to get assembly parts, etc. So JW men often crave position, power, and recognition. To be a member of the GB is to be at the pinnacle.

    My JW mother, in moments of truth, would look at some JWs and say that they'd be nothing in the world, but in JWdom, they have power and authority. I wouldn't underestimate the satisfaction that some JWs, like GB members, get from that - that is, the power, authority, and even fame.

    So, it's really not that great, but they are in bliss; they're happy and they love it.

  • sir82

    They're in it for the power and the adulation, not money and luxuries.

  • OneEyedJoe

    I think it's all relative. Would I want to be a GB member? Hell no. However for them, it may well be the best life they could achieve. They have a level of security that most people do not - they needn't worry about their housing, food, healthcare. They live on well manicured grounds and get to travel the world with no cost. They don't own mansions, but they have access to picturesque "regional translation offices" and I'm sure they're not staying in 1-star motels while traveling. They clearly either use the money they control to purchase luxuries for themselves (watches that cost 5-figures, gold rings, etc) or they use their power to secure many "gifts."

    Security is an immensely valuable thing, and these guys have it. They may have to live by the moral code that they've set up, but I'm certain that there are ways around that for men in their position. Honestly I didn't find the JW moral code to be all that oppressive (well, not once I got married...) and they probably aren't bothered by the parts of it that they follow. Their friends might be conditional, but they're probably all bordering on sociopaths (being conservative) and probably enjoy the power that they wield over their "friends." Their travel may be for JW events in most cases, but there are a great many people who would love to go and talk in front of an enthralled audience of thousands of adoring fans anytime they travel. I'm sure the JW related events are a very different experience as a GB member - not the drudgery that we're used to. So a vacation centered around a convention might be quite enjoyable in that position.

    They may not get the absolute best in life, but lets face it - if not for the cult they'd be nothing close to movie stars, so it's not really a worthwhile comparison. The life of a GB member is probably the absolute best life that any of them could attain. Just because I'd kill myself doesn't mean that they're absolutely not in it for themselves. Whether conscious or not, I believe that most, if not all, of them are definitely keeping the cult going in part to maintain their lifestyle.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    "Is it really that great being one of the Governing Body members?"

    Well....hell yes?

    Imagine you're an old fart and your wife of many years dies of a debilitating health condition? Sex and companionship are still high on your list of must-haves at say 60+ years of age. However, if you're Joe Blow average guy you have to settle for someone your age or older who probably is done rolling around in the hay. But if you're a GB member....guess what....because of your position and rank as a GB you can readily find a young honey half your age to keep your 'Johnson' warm.

    Just ask Geoffrey Jackson if being one of the Governing Body members is really that big of a deal?

    PS: I wonder how often GB Jackson gets his prescription of the blue pill 'Viagra' filled by WT pharmacy?

  • millie210

    If you have the "religious gene" and I am convinced some do, then yes.

    You get power and adulation AND you get to feel lke you and God are besties.

    I would imagine that is a heady feeling if all the things that make you crave it line up inside you.

    I dont need or want it.

    Wouldnt want the movie star life either.

    I know I am in the minority there though.

    I subscribe to the belief that one is the richest who needs the least.

  • OrphanCrow
    JWGoneBad: ....because of your position and rank as a GB you can readily find a young honey half your age to keep your 'Johnson' warm.

    Of course.

    That is exactly how men measure success - if they have someplace warm and wet to stick their johnson.

    And that, my girls, is how women are thought of in the JW cult. Johnson warmers.

    And people wonder why there is such an abuse problem in the JWs? Huh. Knock me over with a feather.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    maybe they believe in god or summat
  • oppostate

    Didn't someone say once "it's good to be the king"?

    The GB live WT King lives, they get the admiration and the respect, the treatment and the perks of being a WT personality.

    If we judge by the past, CT Russell and Joe Rutherford were guilty of indiscretions with young gals. The Judge for four days Rutherford had a liking for expensive Scotch and other spirits. Then there is Greenlees and Chitty's fondness for young male bodies.

    I think the GB gets away with a lot that a R&F witness wouldn't dare get involved in.

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