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  • outoftheorg

    Yeah Farkle, I like most of your posts and agree with many of your thoughts.

    However I think you look down on others at times, that you think are intellectually beneath you.

    This may not be what you intend to do, but it comes across that way. I am sure you can get your points across with out using your intelect to hurt others unnecessarily, essentialy in front of everyone on this forum.

    If I knew you personally and you did this to me in front of others, I would never trust you again. This would be the end, of any close real relationship. If I was to see this action before a relationship was formed I would never confide anything to you.

    At this point I admire you but I do not trust you.


  • Solace

    I care about others.

    I still cant keep from saying whats on my mind though. I know Im not perfect, but I am trying to stick to the facts and not insult the person.

    Im sure I still manage to annoy the hell out of people. Thats isnt my intention, but if thats how they view me, based on my personality, then there isnt much I can do but shrugg my shoulders and move along.

    I guess thats why in real life, we choose to be around people who have similar views and mannerisms so they dont judge, or feel uncomfortable around us.


    A few of my conflicts on this board began because I felt someone was ridiculing others, or putting them down for lack of skills, education, beauty etc. I know what its like to be less fortionate and I cant stand that "Im better than you" crapp.

    Recently when I have seen Farkel go off on someone, it has been mostly in defense of himself, or his beliefs etc.

  • minimus

    To "go off on someone" is generally unnecessary. We might feel very passionate on an issue, but does that give us the license to "go off on someone"? Now, don't get me mad!

  • Brummie
    Heaven......Im sure I still manage to annoy the hell out of people

    There's no way you annoy people Heaven! I cant imagine anyone being annoyed with you....

    (OK, will you stroke my ears now?)

    [email protected], cant imagine what an M&M looks like when its mad.


    BTW Farkel, those are excellent thoughts in you opening post.

  • Prisca

    There is a huge difference between attacking the message, and attacking the messager.

    Once you've attacked the messager, you've lost the argument.

  • Stephanus

    You're absolutely right, Prisca, you %#&@* ^%$* #%@^#!

    Stephanus, of the agreeing with the message while shooting the messenger class

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  • plmkrzy

    damn I forgot what I was going to say.

    Oh They said on the news very recently that bottom feeders provide a better source of nutrition. Much better then Top feeders.

    Eat Crab! Eat Crab!

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  • StinkyPantz

    Nevermind. . .

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  • animal

    Stinky said:
    So why cant we accept each other and get along as much as possible?

    I think these two things are seperate... I accept lots of people without having the desire or need to get along with them. In order to do what you state, one would have to compromise thier inner beliefs and feelings, true?

    I can accept Hitler, but we would never get along.

    I can accept a JW for what he/she/it is, but we would never get along.



    I LOVE FARKEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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