Who watched the Jackson Interview ?

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  • SloBoy

    Maybe as a young teen, Michael's parents arranged for him to have a "love study" with Ted Jaracz.

  • mouthy

    Johnny cip!!!! Even if I lent you my glasses ---You still wouldnt be able to see!!! Dont fret love ..We just see think differantly- I wonder if YOU were under a microscope -- would your life be worth examining????Or are you NORMAL!???? But then please explain to me What is normal???

  • Shakita

    Didn't watch the interview because "Jacko is a Wacko." I just feel so sorry for those poor kids of his. They are growing up to think that all little kids where masks in public. Too bad.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • BeautifulGarbage

    Hello again, everyone!

    First off, Hi Andi (((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))

    This post is strong, maybe even rude to some, but it's my viewpoint and I make no apologies for it.

    Listen, I couldn't care less what Michael Jackson does to himself. He can have plastic surgery until his face falls off in a melted pile of silicone implants. He can fortress himself in his little fantasy land and ride his Ferris wheel until his hair is as white as his skin. He is an adult, not a child, and can make adult choices.

    Unfortunately, his poor children don't have the choice. I am appalled that people are actually dusting off the "abuse excuse" to dismiss his behavior.

    To paraphrase Mikey: "My fans wanted to see the new baby, so I showed him to them". Oh, that's right...IT'S OK! MJ was abused and raised the JW! He's excused! And all of his sycophant yes men didn't say a thing about it. The fans! The fans were happy! Now, that is what was important.

    Dangle away, MIKEY!

    And watching him "cuddle" that baby (he's probably never fed any of his kids before) was truly painful to watch.

    I do feel badly for him. But I don't think he feels he's doing anything wrong with having children. He probably feels he's doing them a favor, by giving them a childhood (fantasyland type thing) he never had.

    To deliberately create children with the intent that they will be without a Mother is beyond disgusting. Obviously, he doesn't think anything is wrong. Just like the women who create children with the intent for those children to be without a Father. Equally selfish. Michael has a daughter. How does he teach her that being a good Mother is important when he didn't even think he was important enough for her to have one?

    Right now those children are young. How about when they get older? Teenagers? It may be fun now to wear those little masks in public, but what about when they are 14 or 15? Think it's going to be fun living in an amusement park prison? Even Disneyland gets old. I'm sure Daddy will have some "friends" shipped in on occasion. After everyone is gone back to their normal lives and FREEDOM ,MJs kids are locked back up in their gilded cage. How about when they just want TO BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE? Go to a football game, be a cheerleader, enter a spelling contest, just be normal? Sound familiar, former JW kids?

    Fantasyland? Hmmm..I didn't know my hugs and kisses, my guidance and love, my patience and energy, and sometimes my very wits, were worth nothing more than a ride on a train and some cotton candy.

    Call it judgment, call it an opinion, call it WHATEVER YOU LIKE. I do respect that everyone has a right to their opinion. However, ask yourself, would YOU want to be one of his kids?


    LeslieV: I think when MJ settled with that boys parents, they refused to cooperate with the DA and that is why the case was dropped.

  • Tinkerbell4125

    Even with all that money, he still can't buy sanity. It's way way out there! I agree with Beck on the shopping trip....holler at the guy, yooo hoooo, write this down. He couldn't possibly remember all that he bought! When he was giving his baby a bottle, I thought he was going to choke it to death....not to mention the sleep overs he has with young children. He's a sick puppy, for sure.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    hi mouthy; i was only making an observation of what i saw. the kids don't look like they have any black blood in them....... what is normal? me and hundreds of others here EXPOSING THE WT FOR WHAT IT IS. a false christ.. i know you don't like many of my posts... but i show the jw's no quarter... it's giving them a taste of their own medicine.. i burn them at every chance, with their own words... as for jacko, he tried to build his own paradise with the never never land he lives on... with all the animals etc.... sounds a lot like what the wt taught me what paradise was to be like when i was a kid.... looks like jacko could not wait on jehovah for paradise .... he built it in his back yard.... can you see that.... i can.....john


    Sleeping with kids is very odd to me.TR made a good point about camping,even then they`re not in your bed..Unless they`re your kids why would you allow them in your bed?..Michael may very well be an innocent individual,but why leave yourself open to these sorts of suspicions?..I don`t doubt,most dads would agree with me...OUTLAW

  • rem

    The thing that is interesting is that Micheal Jackson and his legal team completely misinterpreted the intent of the interviewer. MJ is claiming that the voice overs were suggesting that he was engaging in questionable acts with children by having them sleep in his bed.

    The interviewer was clearly bringing out the point that any normal person would just be extra cautious if they had already had legal trouble dealing with such behavior and any normal person would try to avoid anything that looks suspicious at least for legal concerns. The point is that MJ doesn't seem to realize that his behavior looks suspicious to many, especially with his prior legal battles and only invites more litigation. This is not the thinking of a well adjusted individual!

    I never got the impression from the show that the interviewer thought illegal activity was happening... just that the behavior is unwise and clearly is objectionable to many.


  • Mulan

    If anyone is interested, the mother of the first two kids will be on Entertainment Tonight, tonight, Feb. 7.

    I wonder if he married her, so the kids would be his legally. If she was pregnant by someone else, she couldn't just hand the kid over.

    I thought the baby (under the scarf) looked dark. The boy, Prince, is certainly NOT half black. Paris may be..........she has dark hair. I know people who are half black, who are quite light, but their hair is a giveaway.

    His father does NOT have blue eyes, like MJ said he did. He was interviewed for Primetime, and his eyes are BROWN.

  • datsdethspicable

    After we were thru watching the shows we came to the conclusion that if anyone of us regular po' folks admitted to half the stuff he said he did, we would be committed to an institution or jailed. But since he has so much fame and money. He is just considered eccentric.

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