Who watched the Jackson Interview ?

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  • Almost There
    Almost There

    If this interviewer spent 8 months with Michael and the only odd behavior that he came up with was the few episodes that he showed.

    If what was viewed tonight was the only highlight that he got out of 8 months of coverage, I would say Michael's life is pretty boring. And yes different, but can you imagine what life is like for him. He can never just run to Walmart to pick up a pack of crayons for his kids.

    I loved the interview, it showed Michael to be a sensitive loving person. And more children need people to care as much for them. I wish I had a never never land to visit when my parents were dragging to me a real never never land (KH).

  • Trotafox

    Well said Callgirl. Michael Jackson is an extremely talented and creative individual He is no dummy and never think for a moment that he is. He is as sharp as a tack when it comes to his business management. He also is a very gentle soul. For all of that, you must respect him. He is indeed a man-child and that's just something society simply can't relate to or understand.

    In the past, I had heard stories about his abusive family upbringing. Those stories appear to be true. Given his gentle nature, it is understandable the effect that his upbringing had on his emotional well-being. Children in danger? I don't think so. I'm not a psychiatrist but I would imagine that surrounding himself with children (whom he obviously loves) represents all the childhood friends and activities he never had growing up. You and I had friends, ballgames, dances, movies, etc. He didn't. I can't even begin to imagine what that was like. However, he now has $$$ and can create his own little world (since he can't go out in public without a hassle) and recreate the childhood that he missed so much. It's too bad he can't be left in peace and has to justify everything...in public no less.

    Weird acting; wierd looking; a barrel full of emotional problems....no doubt about it.

    But then again, look at some of us.


  • BeautifulGarbage

    I pity Michael Jackson. I'm very sorry he had such a hard upbringing. But, quite frankly, I don't give a damn! Then he had the audacity to create children to live that way with him, SHAME ON HIM!

    No Mama? Phfffffff! No biggie...I've got plenty of nannies and housekeepers.. "role models"... No hugs?....That's ok Sweetheart! Go ride the Merry-go-round!

    Want to sleep with Daddy? Sorry honey..there's no room...my bed is full.

    Those children having to be raised in his Bizarro world deeply saddens me. Needing to wear feather masks when they go out in public and being frightened when being mobbed in public. What kind of idiot is MJ to risk those kids like that?



  • William Penwell
  • Dia

    One very good thing about those kids is that, as they grow up, they will have each other.

    Probably wouldn't be a bad time to hear what McCauley (sp?) has to say about it all, if anything.

    Did Michael go into any details about his abusive childhood? (I missed the beginning).

    I've just got to add that I find his singing, dancing, song-writing talent to be phenominal.

    He is SO talented.

  • Billygoat

    Weird acting; wierd looking; a barrel full of emotional problems....no doubt about it.

    But then again, look at some of us.

    That's exactly what I think. How many of us can say FOR SURE we would have a life any different than his, given the same circumstances? I think it's too easy to point fingers and say "freak" when we could have become the same thing. Like I said in another thread. We DO NOT KNOW. Judging and being rude about it doesn't accomplish anything positive whatsoever.

    I pity Michael Jackson. I'm very sorry he had such a hard upbringing. But, quite frankly, I don't give a damn! Then he had the audacity to create children to live that way with him, SHAME ON HIM!

    I do feel badly for him. But I don't think he feels he's doing anything wrong with having children. He probably feels he's doing them a favor, by giving them a childhood (fantasyland type thing) he never had.

    I do believe he's emotionally stunted and probably mentally unbalanced by today's society. But expecting rational behavior from irrational people is who's fault?

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i saw the show; what got me is that the kids that jacko , said he fathered looked very WHITE TO ME.. in my whole life i have never seen a black man make babies that ARE SO WHITE !!!!! i don't think he is the REAL FATHER..... or did i miss something? one pretty dark black person and one very light white person . don't have WHITE babies....with straight hair....HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe i need to adjust my T.V. or i'm blind............ john

  • LeslieV

    I guess all of us here know the emotional damage this religion has caused many people. Add that to the fact that this man/child has never had stability or a normal upbringing. It was based on money, that is why he can walk into a Vegas store and buy 6 million dollars worth of junk and not blink an eye. His whole life has been based on money.

    The only part that really gets to me is in my profession if anyone said what he did about sleeping with children, settling out of court because of child sexual abuse charges..I can garantee that Child Protective Services would take your kids. Again it is amazing to me what power and money can get away with. Just my thoughts.


  • TR

    What about when Freako said he rushed his baby home as soon as it was born. He said it was OK with the doc and the mother. WTF??!! He said he was "so afraid". Afraid of what, Freakboy? Afraid that the baby may need to be checked out by the nurses and doc before you take it home? Afraid that the mother will bond with the baby after birth? What a nut case. And every one around him seems to pander and kiss butt.

    What a stinking way to bring up kids. And you guys that seem to think sleepovers with kids is OK? The only time I'd sleep in the same room with little kids would be in a big tent on a camping trip, WITH another adult, preferably my WIFE. I guess Jackoff thinks women are just sperm banks for his use.


  • imanaliento

    I think he probably is a kind hearted individual that doesn't seem to want to grow up. not that any of us do but we don't stay in a world to ourselves either. His face to me is scarey, his nose had gone beyond any more surgeries.

    I am saddened by the fact that the little one claims to have no mother, where is she? And I wonder what they will be like as they reach adolencents and adulthood.

    So I'm sure we will see a documentary in 10 years of " Life With MY Father, Micheal Jackson."

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