Who watched the Jackson Interview ?

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  • Xandria

    I am sitting here watching this shocking interview. The Reporter spent 8 MONTHS with this um, person.

    I cannot believe how bizarre Mr. Jackson is.... and it has given me the willies.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I'm at work. What does the interview say? Does he still sleep with young boys? Did he admit to having massive amounts of plastic surgery?

  • Brummie

    He is a legend...a wierd one none the less.

    Did Jacko give a speech before the program began? UK TV said he would, due to the way the show had been edited to make him look worse...(if he could possibly look any worse)

    I missed the interview in England.

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    He said he only had two surgeries on his face, sleeps on the floor in a sleeping bag when he has children sleep in his room with him, slept with Macaly Culcan and his brother and say's it's perfectly normal and there was nothing sexual. It got too weird for me, Tink is still watching it. The boy has serious problems, probably steming from his own home life. He claims his father was abusive to him, and we all know what the WTS can do.


  • Athanasius

    Since Michael Jackson is the most famous Jehovah's Witness who ever lived, did he have anything to say about the Watch Tower?


  • Xandria

    He admits sleeping with children. Like it was a "Loving" thing, innocent like a sleep over. He on the floor and the kids in the bed and vise versa or all piled in together. And he justifies it. The parents are in the guest houses. The other thing he admits that the mother's of his children don't have anything to do with the CHILDREN! You should of seen how nervously upset he got and he was feeding his baby a bottle while jiggling that child harshly. He got so freaked out when the child began to cry!

    The children are considered like it was a "gift" from his wife that gave his first two children. An she has nothing to do with the children. Prince when asked stated he did not have a mother. He stated he has only had 2 surgeries and they are getting into that subject right now.

    I am sitting here wondering if he is understanding what he is saying or that he is so wrapped up in his own world that he doesn't get it. He needs help!!!

    They are also questioning his up bringing. Towards the end of the interview he was very upset. Micheal tried to get his lawyers to stop the broadcast but they did not have a legal leg to stand on.

    It is very disturbing! Micheal Jackson is a broken and under-mature person. He is very deluded.


  • Beck_Melbourne

    Great show...just about every household in Australia was watching it the other night.

    He sure is weird...and yes he still sleeps with young boys. Jackson claims it is innocent as he sits there holding hands with his best friend who is a mere 13 years old. I tend to believe his connection with children is innocent, but because it is not the norm for a grown man of 44 to be having slumber parties with his pals 30 years his junior, most people are alarmed by this kind of behaviour. To Jackson, its all about love, not a sexual perverse act. He even admitted that he had no problem with allowing his own children to sleep over at another man's house, and if they wanted to sleep with them, then he has no problem with it...he mentioned Barry Gibb's family as an example.

    The bizzare part was watching the kids. Jackson had Prince Michael and Paris by the hand and they were walking into a store and crowds of fans were there....and when he tried to remove his hand from out of Paris' grasp he became very cross that she wouldn't let his hand go...so he turned to the Nanny and whined like a big brat saying 'she won't let my hand go and I HAVE to sign autographs sometimes'. Those poor kids...he is so self absorbed in his own fame and vanity that he fails to see how lacking he is.

    Oh and the baby....he became very distressed when "Blanket" (yes, that is the baby's nick name, as his real name is Prince Michael the second) was almost exposed for the world to see. Jackson had a silk scarf over the baby's face while he fed him a bottle...and Martin the interviewer was trying to help him adjust it and he was kind of lifting it too high and Jackson got very aggitated and he bounced that baby so hard on his knees with nervousness...it was very strange. So now my teenagers are walking around the house calling each other "Blanket"...ha!

    Another interesting part was his denial that he'd every had plastic surgery...with the exception of maybe two nose jobs, which were only done so that he could reach higher notes BAH! He claims its all lies...he strongly denied that he had ever had plastic surgery on his face. And his white skin was an act of god...yet his finger nails were still very brown...how weird is that?

    I must admit that the best parts were when the kids were on....I noticed when Prince Michael bent forward you could see new re-growth from where his hair had been bleached blonde, his original hair appeared to be a mousey light brown. Jackson seems to want a certain look for himself, as well as his kids...I doubt that they will ever be satisfied with who they are if their own father isn't happy with who he really is. His ambition to be Peter Pan (be forever young) is so detached from reality, that it really is true...money can't buy everything - namely, sanity!! So sad.


  • Xandria

    PS. They were questioning his background and why he was the way he was. This may be an opportunity to break to the press more about the Witnesses. An the abuses from pedophilia to physical abuse.

    He is now in the spotlight. This may bring out more as to perhaps why M.J. is the way he is.


  • email


    Right after the 20/20 show which showed the same documentary that they showed in Britain, they interviewed the reporter on Prime Time and he said that he thinks that maybe the way he was brought up as a Jehovah's Witness has something to do with the way he sees sex... and the way he treats children might be a reflection of the treatment he got from his father.

    He is A FREAK... of course we all knew this... but that interview just blew my head off.

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  • Beck_Melbourne

    His abusive upbringing was certainly mentioned...but no mention of their religious upbringing...I was a bit disappointed that they didn't ask him about 'church'....yet he spoke about God up above a lot.

    How about the part when he went shopping...and like a really spoilt kid he would go 'ohhh youuu whoooo over here, put this on the list' and off he would trott to the next $250,000 item and then 'ohhh youuuu whooo' LMAO...and with his Elizabeth Taylor voice it was simply sickening.


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