Lingerie Discussion

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  • Valis


    I like chickies in the crotchless panties, a bustier, and some f me high heels....The again I also like the Cathilic school girl thing w/a nice whit bra and cotton panties, short plaid skirt and clean whit long sleeve shirt...don't forget the little gold cross necklace either..

    Try walking into class and having your chickie's panties and shit fall out of your backpack in class..*LOL*...She forgot to take them out and I kind of liked them being there...well, until they fell out for my students to see anyway..*LOL*


    District Overbeer

  • ring

    I prefer naked.......lingerie just slows a man down from getting to the goods

    I'm sure not against lookin at pictures of women in lingerie emails open

  • copsec

    Lyin Eyes,

    I bought every color they had of those "boy cut" ones. The Hubby LOVEs them as he likes a little cheek hanging out! LOL! They are very comfy too!

  • Elsewhere

    Ho Ho Ho! Meeeeeeeerry Christmans!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    mmmm lingerie. Oh Nina sweetie?

  • Robdar


    Congrats on another great thread.

    I like the lingerie. I have all kinds, satin, lace, hose, heels, thongs, hot panties. The only problem is that it gets torn off before I get a chance to say "what do you think of this?" Part of the turn on for me is wearing it. I don't mind having it torn off but I prefer to enjoy a little seduction before it's ripped up. It takes away some of my fun and replacing the lingerie is expensive.


  • pettygrudger

    LOl Robdar - that would be a problem!!! (thanks)

    Alot of great ideas - guess I'll be going shopping - has anyone ever purchased this stuff on-line & where you happy with the results?

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