Wasting Time In The Ministry--How Did You Do It??

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  • TR

    I would stop at a "worldly" friends house to shoot the shit "witness" to him.


  • Mary

    7:30am: Start by letter writing "Dear Madam/Sir....."

    7:31am: Get ready and go out in Service. Seeing as I already started my time at 7:30am, I can 'keep it going' till noon.

    11:00am - 11:30am - coffee break.

    11:30 - 11:55am - garage sales.

    12:00 noon: go home.

  • NeonMadman


    Lots of side trips for Slurpees (at least in the summer).

    Obiwan, you weren't in my car group, were you?

  • blondie

    I found these older ladies in the territory that just liked to chat and always had fresh baked goods and coffee. Only 2 in a morning was a guarnteed 2 hours. I preferred going by myself. As an afterthought I would leave the magazines. I would read one scripture and the rest would be nice conversation. By the time I quit pioneering this made up most of my time counted. Loved those old ladies and they liked having visitors.


  • confuzcious


    Shame on you. Don't you know that you can't count time at a garage sale unless you give them a tract after you buy something???

  • Nosferatu

    I remember when I was in a car group with one elder. After we left the house we were meeting at, the Elder drove his car to a garage, and had his car fixed while we were sitting in it. After some time, we got out of the car and went for coffee break. After coffee, we got back into the car, waited for it to be fixed, went on a couple of RVs, then went home. Very productive day!

  • YellowLab

    I was always fortunate enough to go out with people who went on return visits or make calls on
    spiritually weak" ones. That usually involved a lot of driving, only to find out they weren't home or they were no longer interested in the first place. Then it would be time to stop for breakfast or coffee, only to be followed by more driving around and doing not-at-homes. I was always amused at how many people simply refused to answer the door, but you knew they were home (car in the driveway, garage open, lights on, etc.) I secretly had hoped for these houses so I wouldn't have to give a presentation, mostly because I feared rejection and didn't have enough self-esteem at the time to really give a good presentation, much less using the Bible and the Reasoning book. I'd usually end up reporting the total amount of hours from the time we left the KH to the time we got back.

    Man, what a horrible waste of time. How do pioneers do it??


  • funkyderek
  • wheelwithinwheel


    Sorry but I guess you weren't the only concerned elder - see, it couldn't have been you cause we used to go to Tim Horton's. BTW all elder chauffeurs believe they are perceived as "loving". Just thought you'd like to know that the pubs. saw right through you and played the service game, but smirked behind your loving backs.

  • YellowLab

    LOL funkyderek! I especially like the one where the pioneer started counting time after throwing a tract out the window


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