Wasting Time In The Ministry--How Did You Do It??

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  • minimus

    I know of a couple of elders that regularly went out in the ministry throughout the week. No matter which street they were on, they always seemed to be near the same spot. Someone here talked about the Michael Jackson moonwalk. I don't know how they and others did it! What were your techniques for wasting time in the ministry?

  • pr_capone

    All the pioneers would go out in its own group (myself included). We would then look at where their our return visits were. We would then proceed to drive to the furthest one out. We would then drive to the next furthest one out and so on. Woud would make 3 RV's, go on break, hit another 2 and go home for the day.

  • pr_capone

    Ack! Double posted again!!!!!!!

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  • Prisca

    Talking in the car between calls. Not necessarily about the call, but gossiping about whatever was happening at the time in the cong etc. It was quite easy to sit and chat amongst ourselves for 15-20mins before deciding to drive on to the next call.

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    Return Visits. When you were living in a rural area, you made loads of time by default.

    'Oh Mrs. Whatever...lives about 30/40 kms. away, and we should go see her' - get there, and she split before we pulled onto the farm road. Then off to another...far away Return Visit.

    But of course, there were some insane zealots who would witness to a moose or a deer if it was attentive. These brothers or sisters, were usually just rapid-fire talkers, and wouldn't ever let a householder speak. Being in service with them was torture if you got paired off with them.

    No Return Visits with them. Geez...I wonder why?

  • minimus

    I used to enjoy 1 hr. of actual door knocking, especially territories that I knew had very few home. Then it would be 30-40 minute break. Then it would be making an encouraging visit to a family with children or unbaptized ones. Then meet back at the Hall parking lot to drop people off.

  • minimus

    Rayzorblade, The WT. crowed about how a fine witness was indirectly given to a man because 2 JW's used their preaching skills and witnessed to a DOG. Of course, the man was amazed at what he was hearing and because of the dog witness, the man came into the "truth".

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    And the dog went on to become a special pioneer, working those hard to reach territories.

  • Blueblades

    The dog is nothing compared to the mule. Remember the one about the mule in the magazine.The brothers couldn't get to the man so they put the mags.in the sack that the mule had on his back.The man read the mags.that he took from the mule.

    The mags.from the mules sack got the man out of the sack and into the hall. Where do they come up with these stories. Blueblades

  • embalmed

    Well, when I wasn't in the same group as my mum, I'd sometimes make up calls that didn't actually exist that were someplace pretty distant from wherever we were. Then after pointing out random roads, I'd choose a house that was up for sale/abandoned/etc, or "forget" exactly where it was.

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