Attacks on Kingdom Hall

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  • worf

    Thank you searcher.

    Rubadub needed some more of this information rubbed in.


  • rocky220

    Uh......somebody is really mad at the JW's and has decided to send a message......this is really getting dangerous......meetings should be held elsewhere until the perp is found and fooling......rocky220

  • Yizuman

    Sounds like a bunch of people are mad after seeing all the media exposure on the Witnesses, Dateline and the most recent Canadian program (which makes me wonder if they had Direct TV and seen the show before going out on a shooting spree).

    Either that it could be a bunch of bored kids with too much time on their hands targeting the KH just for pure fun.

    Either way, it's uncool what they had done and only reinforces their beliefs of persecution which undoubtably would make them stay being JWs even more.


  • sf

    This is just the beginning of the 'fallout'. And just one dynamic of it.

    There is no excuse anymore for EVERY jw ADULT not to examine THOROUGHLY the 'snare and rackett' they PARTAKE and PARTICIPATE (endorse) DAILY! And what they 'shovel' up and out to the, perhaps uneducated householder.

    Someone who decides to use violence may feel their life is worth saving others. What I mean by this is who knows what the underlying FACTOR drove them. Perhaps more than a message...

    An ALERT! And if enough of this type of 'fallout' DOES and WILL occur, the more the PUBLIC must and will question those said factors.

    Hope that made sense. It does perfectly for me. This is just the tip of the incredible Iceberg that WILL shatter.


  • sf

    {{ Worf }}

    You TAKE those feelings as the come and you feel them hard babe. Then go take a hot oil bath and make some tea. Have a good cry and then have a good night sleep. You just 'released' a great deal that you've obiously been needing to feel...along with an incredible soft place to 'fall(out)[another dynamic]'.

    You did good my friend. You too could have used a gun instead of 'releasing' what you just verbally 'shot out'.

    I love you.


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I don't agree with violence either plus also this will only favor the Jdubs for the following reasons.

    1) It just justifies the Jdubs persecution complex that they are the true religion. Do we want that?

    2) It can also get a sympathy feeling for them from the community and give the Jdubs unnecessary free publicity. Do we want that?


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    So when the Ku Klux Klan bombed a black baptist church in 1964 and killed four innocent little girls inside, they deserved it too? Your reasoning is faulty.

    Country Girl

  • pr_capone

    I have to agree with William. Although I can understand someones desire to do such a thing it will not help anyone but the WTS. They revel in thinking that they are martyrs. Doing things of this nature will only stroke that thinking.

    If you want to shut down the WTS, you have to do it by showing people what they teach are lies.

    ((((( Worf ))))) Thank you for fighting agains this evil organization.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    According to the article, Their first brush with violence came the morning of Jan. 14...The latest damage happened overnight Sunday..."

    The shootings took place when the Kingdom Hall was UNOCCUPIED and no JW was in any danger.

    Should they have meetings elsewhere? Maybe - if the roof is now leaking or the breeze through the walls and doors causes someone to get the sniffles.

    Dub love this crap - they eat it up with a spoon - they are being "persecuted" now, right in the heart of America. I'm sure they are equally pleased that the persecution is directed against WTS property and not against in-DUH-vidual Dubs.


    The WBTS is reaping what they have sown..Hate..As usual it`s the members of the Kingdom Hall that will take the abuse..Maybe even die for..We will read about more violence directed at Kingdom Halls,maybe even some corpses,due to WBTS corruption..Bottom line: Be carefull of who you associate and swear alligance to,it could get you killed...OUTLAW

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