Dissing the JWs....

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  • SixofNine

    NoApologies, No seriously, I can only go by my own perceptions and feelings, but comparitively speaking, I'm not really bitter at all. I actually know loyal witnesses who are more bitter than I am about some of their/our missed opportunities (which I find quite funny, really).

  • Grunt

    I despise the Jehovah's Witnesses as an organization for the lies they tell, the heartbreak and destruction of families they cause and the innocent blood on their hands from all those who died for their lies about medical issues they didn't know crap about.

    I would mortgage my house to buy a bulldozer if I could be allowed to use it to shove the bricks of that dark hole in Brooklyn down on itself or to run through the presses that print the twisted scriptures and lies that are luring more people and keeping present victims in thrall. My own little fantasy used to be kicking the door down on a GB meeting and stepping in with a baseball bat to settle some old scores. Now I am more mature and am content that the bastards are having to live out the proof of their lies and die with no children to visit them or with alienated children. Freddie Franz, you self-righteous SumBitch, I'm glad you lived so long and got to see that in fact it WAS unreasonable to assume you knew the mind of God and that the seventh creative day's last thousand years, the millenium, would begin in the fall of 1975. It was even more wrong for you to print the vain lie and assume the role of prophet, causing people to sell homes and suffer in poverty, but I doubt you ever could see that, you conceited, childless peice of dung. I am glad you are back to dirt, you never rose far above it.

    Thanks for allowing me to vent. Have I mentioned I HATE the CULT known as JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES??? I do, with a purple passion. I confront them and tell them so at every opportunity, but I do it kindly as the poor benighted heathern don't know any better. They are the sheared sheep of this dark group. Most don't really know what they believe. As they think they know everything they believe this makes them easy targets.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    It's a bit like a divorce, isn't it? Some divorce and remain friends with their exes. Others are bitter and vengeful. A lot of it depends on the personalities involved and what occurred whilst there was a relationship.

    Scooby, I can understand your feelings about this. I left 14 years ago and at the time I really, really did not want to go. But my conscience would not let me stay. To this day, I still have many fantastic memories of the people I met, the conventions I attended and friends I made.

    However, it took me several years to overcome the pain the Witneses put me through. Now that I'm on the other side of that bitterness I can look back and enjoy many of the experiences I had with the Witnesses. Having said that, I would never think of returning. The organization I grew up and knew (or thought I knew) is not there anymore. Interesting question. Thanks for posing it.

  • kelpie
    I have a lot of happy memories of being "in the truth" (and I know how much some here hate that line) and fond memories of the meetings and assemblies

    I too have alot of happy memories as a witness.. I loved the family things we used to do and I even enjoyed doing a full day of rural witnessing because mum would always pack us a picnic lunch and we have a good time.

    I will look back on my time as a witness with a lot of happiness... i made very dear friends there and I dont blame them for doing what THEY think is right.

    . I would strongly urge you to read Crisis of Conscience, written by a former governing body member. He lets you know what is really going on.

    I have read the crisis of conscience but again.. I cannot hold it against the individual people. The book will never take away the good memories I have.. I cant say that I have too many BAD memories.

    Yes the GB sits there and makes lies etc but it isnt the people.

    Just my 2 cents


  • nakedmvistar

    I have to commend Scoobysnax for his post. He's inactive for personal reasons, doesn't have bad "memories of being a JW and is still searching for truth. Sounds fair. Not all of us have "horrific" memories of our time as a JW. Some of us see the WTS as the problem and decide not to throw out our faith in Jehovah. But to say scoobysnax is of "low intelligence" simply because he doesn't "tow the line" on this forum is ludicrous! I commend scoobysnax for having a more "balanced" view.

  • DanTheMan


    Are there any threads in particular that you are referring to? You seem to always make very general comments. All you ever add to this DB is the same post in different variations - "JW's aren't so bad. Why are you all so bitter?"

    Please, go back to JW's if they're not so bad!

    And JW's certainly hate everybody else, sitting around the KH waiting for Jerhover to kill all non-JW's.

    I find your posts to be generalizing and void of any real content.

    I know, l need to lighten up, right?

    I may have repeated a lot of what others have said already, but...its just really annoying, seeing the same basic, lump us all together post again and again...

  • SixofNine

    If Scooby's view was balanced, I'd commend him on it as well. They aren't. He hasn't given the any indication from his participation in this forum that he is at all "searching for truth", and my comments about his intelligence had nothing to do with "towing the party line".

  • ScoobySnax

    Sorry about my delay in replying to your posts, had a couple of crap long long days at work, but thanks anyway. Where to start, well been inactive for almost 10 years now, haven't been regularly to the KH since then. I suppose some would say that I was "lucky" in that I was raised by a mother who was a witness and a father who wasn't, so I really got to almost pick and choose as I reached my teens, I didn't get any pressure either way. If I went to the meetings, I did, if I didn't want to, well then I wouldn't. Basically it was up to me. I had good parents, that let me choose what path to take and never judged me adversely one way or the other. I realise not all of you have had this luxury, and I can understand where alot of the anger comes from in many here. (and I really do) I still go to the memorial each year and the Distict convention at Twickenham in London, not because I think I should or have to, but because I want to, I still honestly feel that it is "right" and the "truth" that is just my personal opinion against the majority presented otherwise here. going back to the meetings full time is another matter. Alot of personal experiences are written here, and many are really sad experiences. The point of the post was just my recollections.

    I'm sorry if as Dan the Man said that my posts are usually bland and void of any real content, they probably are, I'm not really a great intellectual (lol.as my posts bear out!!) Remember though that your assertion of my posts "being annoying, seeing the same basic lump us all together posts" sounds almost identical from this side of the fence too at times!! Big Tex's post made alot of sense to me, I suppose for many it is like an acrimonious divorce. Thankyou NakedM too for such a "balanced reply" to my "balanced post!" and Kelpie too. Six of Nine, again sorry you can't accept that I can stand on the peripherary and tell it as I see it, or probably more as I feel about it. As I said we can agree to diasagree. Thanks again! .......now where is that beer......... Scott

  • ScoobySnax

    ps......hope its ok to continue to make very "general" points on here!! After all, it would be boring if we were all the same, as you always tell me!

  • DanTheMan

    Here's what I'm talking about:

    and yet, despite all I read, I can't feel as you mostly all do

    Vague. Nothing specific. Please give me some "for instances" of this "all" you have read that you find so unconvincing.

    I read Ray Franz, but was never really a fan of his writings. I don't really hold "Crisis of Conscience" in awe.

    Can you give any examples where you think his book was flawed or his argumentation weak?

    W.H. Amazing conspiracy theory there about "shunning". However from what I remember it was a Biblical command, can't remember the scripture, but it was something like Not mixing with unbelievers and those that went out from among us.

    Once again, this is vague. Please look up this scripture, and then let's discuss the WT's institutionalized shunning.

    I think my viewpoint is intelligent

    What viewpoint??? You never say anything specific! Just, "Gosh, I don't remember it being so bad. Lighten up people!"

    I still honestly feel that it is "right" and the "truth"

    Just what about the JW religion do you think is "right" and "truth"?

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