Who plays a musical instrument?

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  • Brummie

    I can play an elastic band stretched between 2 fingers. I had to cancel my last concert though due to black eyes when they snapped. (some people said it was cancelled because no one brought tickets, but it tis a rumour)


  • Gopher

    I played the piano. Mostly in the past, fool around with it a little whenever a piano is available.

    Played classical music, also played for meetings, circuit assemblies and weddings. I was replaced by a cassette tape deck.

  • Robdar

    Piano for me. And let's not forget the recorder. Heh, hooray for 3rd grade music class!


  • email

    Trumpet here... and a little piano

  • Sirona


  • archangel01

    I don't play anything

  • blondie

    Arch, How about comb kazoo or kazoo. I was in a kazoo marching band once. It was great. Don't forget percussion instruments like drums, those little xylophones, triangles, castanets, those gourds with the handles (mind lapse). We used wooden spoons, pots and pans, and lids (cymbals).

    Make a great noise!

  • home_and_dry

    As a teenager I could play the guitar and the keyboard. I could read music but not very fast and only used it as a guide as I could play by ear.

    Every single 'gathering' I attended, I would get railroaded into entertaining the masses with my rendition of 'Kingdom Melodies'. Oh the flashbacks!! I hate to admit it but I can still play 'the shulamite remnant' or 'maiden' or whatever it was called!! Oh, and 'Christian Dedication'. Comes in handy, as you can imagine!!!!!

  • LittleToe

    Fiddle (violin), and decades ago I used to play the bagpipes.

    Bodhran, huh? Nice!
    It goes will with the fiddle and box accordian.

  • maxwell

    I play the alto sax. I've done a little piano also. We had an old upright at home, but since I moved out 3 years ago, I don't get to play that any more. I hope to get a nice little digital piano for my apartment one of these days.

    When I was a JW back at home, a group of us had a band that played at some wedding receptions and anniversaries and a few general get togethers. We played oldies music and quite loud at times. I remember hearing some vague cautions against large gatherings with live bands on circuit assembly programs, but we kept playing and people kept dancing, but being cautious about the songs we played. We actually had an elder in the band. Now at least two of us are no longer JW's. (The elder is still in as far as I know.) So maybe playing that loud worldly did corrupt us. Nah, I don't think so. But the band is one thing I miss. I have to find some other people to play with.

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