TV.JW.ORG (September 2015): Serving Single - Do not use JW dating sites!

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  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Around the 39:00 minute mark the focus shifts to a single sister who cannot find a mate. At the 42:30 minute mark she states "I cannot believe it crossed my look on JW dating sites". Guess a new unwritten rule is added to the many oral traditions of these Pharisees. And more persons forced to remain single.

    Oh, but there is great comfort. At the 44:00 minute mark: "Focusing on the ministry work can be of great comfort"

  • FadingTruth

    Funny how GB member Jacskson recently got married to that younger sister. Of all people, shouldn't he have remained single and focus only on the Lord? He's going to be raptured soon anyways, right?


  • avaddohn94

    Well, it'll be funny how those facebook administrators of groups for single witnesses understand this "new light".

    Those of us who speak Spanish are acquainted with a JW fanatic named "José Antonio Gutiérrez García" who has created a thousand JW-related facebook groups.

    He's know for sharing pictures, posting rumors and sharing "exclusive news" with his facebook followers.

    Well, this guy has created various groups for "single JW" and is very proud of those weddings that have taken place as a result of his dating site.

    Now, he's been reported to his own elders in Granada, Spain several times for his conduct (he's quite a case of fanatism) but, I wonder if anyone will report him for disobeying this new rule on dating sites!

    Below you can see two captions, one where he proudly announces creating a new group for single JWs who speak portuguese and the other is his actual group in Spanish with 1242 members as of today!

  • dropoffyourkeylee
    I would give the same advice. Do not use JW dating sites!
  • Diogenesister

    Those b#!tardos!!EL gringo [email protected]€r$ they maker ma blood boil!!! Keeping those poor ignorant folks broke AND LONELY I hate them - everyone is entitled to the one thing that money can't buy LOVE

    For christos sake somebody FIND THAT SISTER A MAN


    Boy,SISTER DIO IS MAD WITH 'EM TODAY! When they touch my lonely sisters THEY TOUCH MY EYEBALL!!!

  • paradisebeauty
    can not find the september broadcasting!!!
  • rege  brazzy
    rege brazzy
    how to see september program ????I can see! here it is only august program! you tube ???
  • steve2

    At the 42:30 minute mark she states "I cannot believe it crossed my look on JW dating sites".

    Some incredibly lucky JW male - who will never ever know - just dodged a life-sapping theocratic bullet.

  • ToesUp
    Morale of the story: Do more, do more, do more and you won't be lonely! Keep busy in the work of the Lord and you won't have time to think about how lonely you are! Really?
  • SecretSlaveClass
    And the zombies just keep on lapping it up. I really think this super control is what is going to alienate the new generation of dubs and push them out.

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