TV.JW.ORG (September 2015): Serving Single - Do not use JW dating sites!

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  • LongHairGal

    Hey Prologos:

    (Maybe I should have said "free taxi service".)

    Don't give them any ideas about free body warmers.

    I'm sure they'd love that. Maybe one would be nervy enough to ask. Maybe some stupid sister might even do it too!

  • baldeagle

    Sadly this has become a big problem just about everywhere. WT articles are studied & regional convention programs are presented regarding the natural desire that we all have to find a companion/spouse and the small pool to select from. Hit the hardest are the women. It’s obvious there are a disproportionate number of single sisters to single brothers. Having said that, I have been told many single brothers are often not given a second glance from the women at the KH when they show interest in them.

    Why? Simply because these guys were not pioneers, elders or MS’s etc. The sister waits for a better offer. Four weddings occurred in my area recently but the men (30-50 yrs. old) had to marry women from congregations overseas. They appear happy and have started families. The local sisters are still single, lonely and waiting for someone who does more than just carry the microphones.


    SecretSlaveClass - Food must be strictly ORG-ANIC !

    This is so Frank Zappa-ish ! Like the profile !

    "don't play in the Yellow Snow ......."

  • Billyblobber
    So wait. They lowered the spread of congregations in District conventions, so you only basically meet people in your circuit, and they are bleeding young(er) people at a fantastic rate. How the heck do they expect anyone to meet anyone else?
  • antes8080
    The moral of the story pioneer and you will be happy.
  • OneFingerSalute

    baldeagle is pretty much right in my location also.

    Many single "sisters", few men. But, the truly eligible "sisters" were all waiting for super-JW. Plus the rest were (I know this isn't PC) either very physically/mentally unhealthy, very obese, or had several kids from their previous "worldly" husband, all looking for a financial gravy train. If a man was not a JDubya drone with status or money they were not considered a good marriage prospect. But that is just perhaps my opinion here.

  • Dissonant15

    This is not new. For 10-15 years now the Kingdom Ministry & convention talks have explicitly said do not use JW dating websites, even naming

    I have my own theory why not. Besides what they say, that you can't be sure of someone's 'spiritual character' online, they must be afraid that people who are internet savvy also have enough sense to research and will soon learn TTATT!

  • Watchtower-Free
  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    How many JW single sisters would listen to the GB about not dating online if some person on a jw dating site looks like this. and wants to meet one of those single sisters for a nice dinner? Especially a sister who hasn't touched a man in years.

    Image result for good looking man face pics

  • Clambake

    I had a grandpa that was 20 years older than my grandma. The last 20 years of their marriage , they went from husband and wife to nurse and patient.

    What a horrible thing Mr. Jackson did that poor young lady. She is also good looking, you can really tell what he was looking for in a mate. Not exactly a stand up move.

    What an asshole, he has the nerve to tell someone how to meet a mate and what they should be looking for.

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