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  • AlanF

    We've never talked, DazedAndConfused, edited pending substantiation I hope that what goes around comes around in his case.


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  • Angharad

    (test - sorry ignore me thread seemed to go weird seems ok now!)

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  • Englishman

    Dazed and Confused,

    The post has been left up for the moment because there is no-one being directly named here. If you have something to say then please say it, but you must provide substantiation if you are making an accusation about someone, or the thread will be deleted.


  • SheilaM

    Dazed I am not stupid and not easily duped, if your that concerend than e-mail me with who and what and why. As for AlanF to you for what you did and THANK YOU ENGLISHMAN for editing his post, I freaked last night when I saw that. If you need to say something email me and tell me your reasoning until then I think this is just a reason to start a flame war and I bow out.

  • abbagail

    Shame on Alan F! That definitely seems out of character for you. And here I thought you were one of the LEVEL-HEADED members of this forum who we could always trust to do the right thing. Sheesh. Wonders will never cease in xJW land.

    Dazed, your topic asks, "What to do?" Try this: (1) Call your Mom and your brother before posting accusatory, unsubstantiated threads like this. (2) Keep it within the family, in private. (If you're going to make allegations like this in public, how would you like it if we expressed some of our more-than-merely-suspicions about YOU in public?) (3) Do as you did the last time you had these "paranoid feelings"...

    DazedAndConfused Dec 20, 2002 05:49
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    Edited due to thinking about this and realised I over reacted.

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    DazedAndConfused Dec 20, 2002 06:23
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    Edited due to thinking about this and realised I over reacted.

    Grits -- has no sympathy today -- sick of this crap.

  • Brummie

    Dazed didnt you already point out who your brother was on "The Trinity" thread a while ago?

    Its 37 pages long so I cant be bothered to go through it again. Correct me if I'm wrong, probably am.

    BTW naming him WASNT shaming him, he shames himself if he is lying to anyone here. Stop feeling guilty.



    Hey dazedandconfused,you`ve started a thread and said nothing.What is it,you feel your brother is lying about?..Don`t worry about being witty or as good a writer..Simply speak truthfully..Speaking truthfully will cut through bullshit in a heartbeat...OUTLAW

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  • RevMalk

    I've been sitting here basically the entire day waiting for this problem to go away by itself. Apparently it is not going anywhere, judging from the amount of emails I've received, and I have to respond before it gets worse. It is no secret to some that DazedandConfused/FairGame is my sister, and to others it wasn't known until AlanF made it clear to everyone. Of course he had the right motives for sticking his nose where it does not belong right? I think not. I'm going to address Mr. "F" before I address the other issues.

    AlanF has been investigating me for several months, and he has found nothing incriminating against me, nothing. How do I know this? Because I am clean, no record as AlanF and some others would like to think, no horrible skeletons in the closet, nothing. So, what does he do? He jumps on the first chance to attack me, with unfounding (word?) opinions and nothing but bad motives in his heart. He claims to protect the innocent, yet makes astounding accusations and tries to publicly humiliate a fellow human being. AlanF should be ashamed of himself, and I believe he owes me a public apology. He's acted out of line, un-professional and much like an immature child. If Alan has problems with me, then Alan should address me in private. To date I have never received any sort or correspondence from him. I myself have emailed him.....laid my personal life out for him, invited him to continue his 'investigation', and even offered my assistance. No reply. He'd rather listen to false reports from someone else (I really don't wish to go there) than to actually go to the accused, who has offered to assist in 'checking me out'. I've made that offer to anyone that has a problem with me. You want to investigate me? You're more than welcome, I have nothing to hide.

    Do I hold these things against Alan? Well, I haven't until now. I understand he is being deceived, but to attempt a public humiliation of another person on this board, is wrong at the very least, and a severe crime. Now, if he had some facts......even a minute amount of evidence, then who could condemn him? But he doesn't, and never will because it just doesn't exist. So, the way I see it, this was a clear cut case of bad motives, selfish agendas and is downright cruel. So, do I condemn him now? Well, I'm real upset and hurt by this. I know him to be a caring person, no matter what he thinks of me, and it hurts. I'm not proud, I'm as human as the next person, and these are hurtful things that he and others have been doing to me for months. I say spill your freaking guts if you have something to say. If not, stop acting like an 11 year old school girl and shut the hell up. By the end of the day I will have forgiven him for these things, it's just the way I am.....some think that's a weakness I have, and maybe that's so, but I like who I am, even if the likes of AlanF does not, and I am proud of who I am, even if he's not, and I will continue to stand up for what I think is right, even if he thinks I should not. So my plea to you Alan, is to wake up, view the facts....have a cup of coffee if that's your thing, and do some soul searching. I know your heart is in the right place, but now is the time to set your mind straight, and do the right thing. If you didn't care what the 'right thing' is, you probably wouldn't have done what you did, unless you like to see people suffer, and I refuse to believe that.

    As for my sister. Where do I start? I love her with all my heart. And I refuse to say anything that will hurt her. That's the bottom line. She's going through a spell, that's all that's happening here, and I ask that if and when the truth comes out, that you all be good to her. She's had a rough life.....more than most of us here can comprehend. She's having a tough time right now, and as important as LambsRoar is to me, and as important as some of you are to me, she's my blood, and I need to be there for her right now.

    I apologize to everyone here for all of this, I can only hope that you are all as understanding as I think you are.

    You'll find that I probably won't have much more to say on this matter, unless something happens to change, as there isn't much to say. This is where I stand, and if some of you are dying for more, I've said a few things at LambsRoar......go ahead and have a field day at my expense, that's what I seem to be here for, for the last few months. I'm a broken man, I hope those that have worked so hard for this day feel real good about themselves.


  • pettygrudger

    Rev - I think we've seen through your board what you are about - I wish you (and your family) nothing but the best......I too have a brother in a similar condition, so I understand completely.

    Don't worry - there are many of us that stand behind you 100%!!!!!

  • abbagail

    Nice post, Rev, and you didn't even ramble...
    Hope things work out with you and your sister.
    And ditto what Pettygrudger said!

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