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  • Simon

    Welcome to the newest Jehovah's Witness discussion forum on the Net.

    Please register so that you can post to the forum and turn this into a welcoming place for other brothers and sisters online

  • EyesonthePies

    Hi Simon,

    I bagged this handle...so I guess you might know who I am. I hope we have some fun here and enjoy our freedom.


  • Merlin

    Hi Simon,

    How're ya?

    I thought this place could use a little magic, so, here I am.....
    And now, let's have fun.


  • Simon

    he he he - EyesOnThePies, I love that name !
    Nice to see you, and you Wizard

  • yentel

    i'm yentel, and i hope to meet you all soon

  • thebookkeeper

    Some of the paint isn't dry yet. This is really new. Glad to be here.

  • Geekman

    Registered user #22 checing in.


    Faster than a herd of turtles!!!

  • Simon

    he he he...some bits don't have any paint on them yet !
    I hope to have all the key features finished over the next week or two and after that we can adapt things based on peoples feedback.

  • ManofTrueGod

    Hi Simon,

    May I know who are the people in this neighborhood? I come from WitNet, just recently from GreatCrowd, and with one exclusively for Filipino brothers.

    Have I met you online somewhere else?

    Your brother

    "If Jehovah is the true God, go following him."

  • Simon

    Hi ManofTrueGod
    We've had a few introductions from people (on another topic somewhere) but I'm hoping it won't need to become as formal and intimidating to register with as some of the other forums.
    It does mean that we only know about people what they will tell us. I think it's more important to go off what people say than who they say they are (after all, imposters will tell us that they are JWs the same as genuine ones will so how can we tell if not by what they say)

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