Does God exist outside of Time?

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  • starScream

    If God does not exist outside of time then God is not God, God would merely a sideffect of the big bang.

    None of which is true.

    If you define God as the all powerful creator of everything then you have already placed him outside of time and not bound by relativity, thermodynamics or time.

  • starScream


    Does "Time" have very small increments that can be divided no further than say 10 to the -43 power seconds? Is time in these small increments what makes allowable the spooky action of subatomic particle that quantum physicist tells us happens?

    I have wondered that myself but I also apply it to space. What is the smallest distance you can travel? Im sure it is in someway dependant on time.

  • Chap
    "Time stops if you reach the speed of light."

    Is that true or can something catch up to the speed of time, making it seem like time stops? Maybe the speed of time and the speed of light are the same. I don't think anyone knows what happens when something travels faster than the speed of light because it has not been observed. I think what would happen if it were possible is that the object would exist in multiple places at the same time. I do not think our eyes can see true light; only the lower spectrum of it. I think if we were able to see true light, we would be able to see God as he really is. I don't know how to explain this thought so it would make sense but I think light is the barrier between man and God which was caused by sin or mankind's decision to serve himself rather than serve God.

    As to the question does God exist outside of time? I do not believe so. I think God is time. I think God is light. There are many names for God in the Bible because any one of them could not be accurate. If God is omnipresent, he must by definition exist in every place at every time. So as we are moving through time, in a sense we are moving through God. As we move through the past, God is still there. As we come to the future, God is still there. I guess what I am saying is God is infinity. The problem with this is the question "is this desk God"? I don't think you can call this desk God but I think God exists in the atoms of this desk.

    I guess that is enough craziness for one day.

  • Satanus

    Well, since i'm not a christian ....

  • Simon

    There is a good novel by Asimov called "End of Eternity" about people who live outside of normal time and step into it to adjust things so as to keep things running how they think things should. It's on of his lesser known stories (hey, no robots) but a great story and still manages to tie in and be part of the whole "foundation" universe he built up.

  • Satanus

    God is the dreamer, time is part of the dream.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    What is the smallest distance you can travel?

    That would be a quantum leap. That is when an electron makes the leap from a larger orbit to a smaller one. That is, be definition, the shortest distance that can be traveled. Kind of ironic if you think about it since the phrase "quantum leap" has worked its way into our lexicon as being a great leap forward.

  • rem
    So as we are moving through time, in a sense we are moving through God. As we move through the past, God is still there. As we come to the future, God is still there. I guess what I am saying is God is infinity.

    God sure has some ugly spots!


  • D wiltshire
  • logansrun

    Now this is a very interesting, though highly speculative, thread. Wilthire, I just finished reading Paul Davies' "God and the New Physics" so I think I'm familiar with where your thoughts are about some of these matters. And, yes, it is hard to put into words, isn't it.

    I think the speculative nature of this thread is important for a couple reasons, though. Let's say "God" does exist. Well, quantum phyics and our current understanding of science dramatically alter any conception of the Deity that people used to have. So, although we might be talking about a completely fictional character, there still are fundamental laws that would shed light on His nature if He did exist after all. There's just no getting around it.

    Here's another interesting conumdrum that we can conceive of if "God" exists outside of time: in what way could He have a personality? Our personalities are based on time -- we go through experiences which mold and shape who we are and what we think and feel. Our very nature is bound to time. But, if God exists "outside of time" (whatever that could mean) He would not go through "experiences" in the normal way of speaking about them. He would not "learn" or have his personality altered since to do so would require a passage through time. So, it would be meaningless to speak of God as having a personality the way we think of one, and the way JWs and Christians think of a "personal God."

    We'll probably never get to the bottom of all this but, hey, at least there's still sex and beer.


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