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  • SpannerintheWorks


    Yes, it could be that ipecac is a proprietory name, but ipecacuanha (as a dried root) is used to induce vomiting. I assume this is what

    Farkel was originally referring to.

    How off topic is this?!

    Interesting, though!


  • Valis
    Even though it brought tears to my eyes, I can take any dick that is shoved down my throat. Even yours.

    Dam skall!!!!!....*LOL* who needs ipecac huh?..*LOL*


    District Overbeer

  • sf

    I certainly missed this portion, as I was in tears and stopped really paying much attention to the 'attack':

    "We humans were made to work, IMHO. Those who don't have missed one of our main purposes as humans, even if they did scam our system and safety nets designed to help people who CANNOT contribute to our society. People like you."

    We were made to work? For what? What is our supposed agenda? Our main purpose? Is to work? For the govt to screw us up the butt when they feel it's 'legal' to do so?

    SCAM MY SYSTEM? Bwahhhhhhhhhhhhh I just got finished re-reading your story Farkel, on when you, THANKFULLY, did NOT contract, yes CONTRACT, the dis-ease (disABILITY) Polio. You feel blessed, don't you? You have no clue what it is like!! I live with polio-like symptoms daily. It wasn't polio I CONTRACTED, yet it is very similar. It crippled me from near conception. My mother thought it best to 'stand by her man' in the 50's and so went off to Germany with him. He kept his dick up her and thus she was pregnant most of her sad, young adult life. (i can t believe i am about to defend her after she demands i not be put in an instituition, then turns around years later and feeds me to the 'wolves'>>WTBTS and all the men who were participants) She did okay healthwise with the first one, then she miscarried one unnamed then Valarie died two days later. A SISTER I NEVER KNEW.

    (In Germanys military base hospital, they were administering DES drug to women who miscarried. She still swears it was never given to her for her two MC's.)

    Then my older sister is born, then my older brother...they are born 'normal'. Then I am conceived in Nov. '58..I am assuming, which is my mothers birthmonth....born 8/'59. Mind you, my sis was born 4/'57, my bro.../8'58. My dad KEPT her in this 'condition'.

    I was born c-section in a hospital with no equipment for what they were 'dealing with'. Thus, I was immediately flown to USA Shriners Crippled Childrens Hospital and underwent a series of incredible surgeries. I was put in a full body cast and they told my parents I'd NEVER walk and that an 'institution' was the best place for me.

    My dad, according to my mom years later, said he freaked out about my 'condition' and demanded I be institutionalized. My mom (i really love her and am crying now...i seriously yearn for her, no matter how much venom i hold, still[she married the elder who dfed me and two other siblings] said no way! I still think I was a great part of their divorce.

    After Chicago Shriners, I was flown to Los Angeles Shiners for the grueling physical therapy. I learned to walk there and walked out of that hospital in leg braces.& Guess where one of the first places my mom took me? Just TRY to guess....

    Oroville, Calif. To see my Dad. The one who 'freaked'. I was so proud of MY accomplishments and that I was not in a wheelchair and that my dad wanted to see me.

    Somehow, in my recall, before I knew it, I was on his lap. I do not recall EXACTLY how I got there. Yet I know I was in braces and DISABLED THEN and could not get up there by my self (SELF). Someone put me there.

    There was a full tablecloth covering the small table (he was in a trailor, in a trailor court...i hate trailor courts to this day...the smell). To this day, I do not recall any of his utterances, EVER. Only his fingers on my 'place', under the tablecloth.

    No one knew what was happening. I wasn't even exactly sure. I do recall becoming paralyzed, all over again, just like at birth. I could not move. My legs would not take me to where I really wanted to be...away from his hands. I was trapped. That's really the only recall I have of his....


    Years later, my mom became a jw and thrusted us into a life that tore our entire family nucleas the space shuttle, it disintegrated into thin air. Her true motive? (hahaha true)

    So I WOULD BE HEALED IN THE 'NEW SYSTEM'. That I was not good enough as I was. She was doing this for ME! I was the reason. She loved me soooooo much, she could not accept me as I was born to her, she wanted me 'healed'.

    Now, you might effin noble, right? Well, folks she had that power to heal me herself. And what did she do? Quit ger career and gave most her money to CHARITABLE KONTRIBUTIONS. And she is still waiting for jehovah to bring me back to her and him, so that, guess what? hahaha, yep...i can be WHOLE AGAIN.

    So, I as a kid, thinking...yea, what a mom, look at what she is DOING FOR ME. I was being deceived. Because if she would have been honest in the first place, like my dad, and allowed me to be institutionalized and swallowed her damned pride...i never would have been her crutch!

    Don't you see, I am STILL her reason. If she holds fast and keeps jehovah close...she truly believes i'll come back and thus be healed. Wow!I suppose I should feel flattered, yet I truly feel sick.

    Ya know Farkel, this was not suppose to happen. (pleasure by forcible penetration) The penetration of your 'dick' surely was felt by me, thusly. I guess some 'rape' is a benefit. I just got years off toxic waste. Thanks...


    sKally, NOT disabled klass

  • sf

    Incidently, back then body casts were peeled off the body after sitting you in a vat of hot water.

    Ya know, I finally share some of my life and jw life and look...

    NO replies. Page four on the active page.

    This is sad. I feel like deleting the entire post now. I feel sick.

    {{HUGS HERself}} sKally

  • Farkel


    You've never gave any evidence that you cannot be a productive and working member of society. Tons of disabled persons are doing it right now.

    You just gave "reasons" why you can't, but no evidence. And no, I don't hate you, either. I never did and don't now.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


    Can I give you a hug too? I'm really sorry for what you went through. I read your post earlier today and it moved me deeply. I didn't reply at the time because I felt inadequate to respond. I felt, and still do, that I lacked the words to respond correctly to you. And now you feel as if no one cares. I'm sorry for my part in that.



  • sf

    Hahaha, three men 'responded'. Thanks guys. That is pretty funny, yet it's not.

    Look, thanks for the replies, sincerely. I realized while laying in bed that night that the reason for no replies could simply be that it was too deep into mySELF for others to even be ABLE to tap into in order TO respond. Talk about DISabilities.

    Also, I had to analyze my motives in 'releasing' all that toxic waste in the first place. Could it be that at one time, yes, I too was "fond" of Farkel? Definetely! Yet, I too trusted that what I was revealing to him on the phone was to be 'in his trust'. Soon, that proved not to be the case. So I learned to be very careful as to what parts of my history I reveal and to WHOM. I am grateful you taught me that Farkel. Because and can, and you proved months ago, that it WILL come back and bite you in the ass if that person so chooses. You had the power to reveal whatever you wanted, and thought you were justified in doing so because of two words I uttered IN HONESTY to you. I thought you cherished honesty. That is what I was being with you then. Your reACTION was betrayal of PERSONAL INFO revealed to about me, by me on this forum, publically. And my gut feeling, and actually what seems obvious, is that you STILL feel you were justified. That it was your right.

    And now it appears you have a serious 'problem' with "people like me" who refuse to work payroll, govt systems. Did you really even COMPREHEND my post Farkel? It think you are not ABLE. You are DISABLED in comprehending others life experiences. You have discriminatory tendencies towards those of us you have no clue about. Who have you been listening to re: me and my life? How do you suppose to 'know' my work history?

    Nore importantly, and it has just dawned on me.......

    Why do I even CARE if you are a part of my life experience or not? What is it about you I feel I must defend? Why do I feel like if I don't, I will lose you in ym life experience? These questions I wish I could answer myself.

    I'm not sure but it's a challenge to try and work it out in mySELF and figure it out by mySELF.

    I hope you overcome your mental disabilities Farkel. They are sometimes more crippling than Polio could ever be. {{hugs your balls tight...yea, steel-plated}}


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Hey Skally. I think youve always been viewed as a rather unusual ans mysterious lady who just posts links on this site.Certainly I have always viewed you that way. Ive seen you post very little personal information. And now....this flood of self revealing. So its a bit hard to know what to say in response. Still, I just wanted you to know that I am wishing you well and if I lived close by Id come over for a cup of tea and a chinwag.

  • sf

    Thanks rf.

    I do much more than post links. Don't let Farkel mislead you on that. If anyone knew what it is I do exactly, they would not believe it. I have singlehandly caused, by effect, serious chaos in the jw online and offline community. I could never reveal the extent of my involvement with the powers that help and encourage my ever ACTION. To say I 'just sit and cut/paste' is truly not the case.

    sKally, that was 'too much revealed'...don't think i'll do that anytime soon again...not sure what is now being analyzed as material to use against me in the future...klass

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