Is Farkel Really Farkel

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  • Farkel

    So many people have given up families and careers, sold their homes, given away all their money, abandonded their children and are searching for the truth about this most important matter, brothers and sisters. This is a most serious issue in these "trying times" that we need to resolve. After all, Jehovah is watching us, and we simply cannot piss him off now, can we? Pharoah pissed him off. Look what happened to him. Lot's wife pissed him off, and her legacy was that deer loved her when they ran out of salt. They literally licked her away. Which is more than Lot did. He was busy doing the same thing with his daughters. But that is another story.

    One must not EVER piss off Jehovah, brothers and sisters. For some strange reason, Jehovah has not a single shred of levity in His infinite wisdom.

    Is the "Farkel" who posts here the real "Farkel", or is there another "Farkel" who posts here one who claims to be "Farkel" and actually uses the name "Farkel" too (demons can make anything happen), but is a "fake" Farkel?

    I cannot answer this, because I have never met the "real" Farkel. I hear he's a chameleon who can transform himself into an angel of light on occassion. This is why it is really a good thing to get a few demons on your side.

    So, if you folks (who care) are wondering if you see a post by "Farkel" if it's a post by the person who's used that name for years and years, or if it is a fake "Farkel", you will have to "test all things" and see if the suspect Farkel's stuff is "Bible-Based(tm)" or not. That is the ONLY real test you can make. If you choose wisely, you won't be subject to demonic influence. Or indigestion. And if you cannot tell the original Farkel from the fake Farkels, then you are really, really braindead!

    Farkel, worried that another Farkel is wandering around screwing up the perfectly good stuff that I can screw up better than any fake Farkel can screw up.

    Surely in these troubling times, this is a most important questions and we need Bible-Based(tm) help in order to find out the truth(tm) about this.

  • blondie

    Farkel, are you saying we have to lick you to know if you are the Real Farkel?

    Blondie (who can tell Rubenstein from Ashkenazy from Barenboim on the same piece. Your piano style is unique)

  • Valis

    Beware....Farkies is really our President!!!!!.....*LOL*


    District Overbeer

  • Xena

    geeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz stop it are like totally Farkin me out..............

  • qwerty


    I think you have discovered something.

    If you look at the picture half morphed, it looks like our Prime Minister Tony Blair!


  • Valis
    One must not EVER piss off Jehovah, brothers and sisters. For some strange reason, Jehovah has not a single shred of levity in His infinite wisdom.

    You forgot brevity as well..


    District Overbeer


    LICK!!!! Yep, that's the REAL Farkel!!!!!

  • greven

    LOL! You really "fark" me out!

    Fark you!


  • ISP

    i think Simon should check the IP addresses and stuff like that.


  • Undecided

    It's easy for me to tell the real Farkel. I installed a fake Farkel buster on my PC and it shreds the fake post every time.

    Ken P.

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