WTS Says Faith Should Not be in an Organization?

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  • yesidid

    Dear Blondie,

    You are on the top of my "must read posts". I really appreciate all your time, insightful and balanced comments.

    Thanks for the suggestions on coping with meetings. I am also giving the sm and ms a skip. As you say, they're just too dreadful to even contemplate.

    All the best


  • blondie

    Thanks yesidid.

    I know I enjoy posting my reviews. It helps me so much and everyone's comments are so interesting and insightful.

    I'm no spring chicken and have seen a lot and done a lot. Thank god, I have learned something too along the way.

    The more meetings I miss the better I feel. I have some new projects on the offing in volunteer work. Strangely enough, my training as a JW will be helpful.

    I have been reading some Bible-based ex-JW material and making plans to attend a BRCI convention the end of June.



  • Maverick

    Dear Blondie: Check out the Baptism Nullification letter posted by Blackguard on the friends forum. I think you will appreciate it. Maverick

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