Baptism Nullification Endgame

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  • Maverick

    Well the GoverningBodyGod has added a new twist to my BN letter. They are not contesting my stand that I was never a Baptized member. But they have decided to treat me as if I was an unbaptized publisher. This put me in the approved associate standing.

    After all, I did associate and had many privileges so I can't claim otherwise. They simply announced that I was not associated with the Christian Cong. anymore.

    The 1988 Wt 11/15 pages 18 and 19 cover the situation quite well. Paragraph 18 states; How will Witnesses thereafter view the person? Well, at and earlier point he was an 'unbeliever' attending meetings. Then he both wanted to be and qualified to be a publisher of the good news. This is no longer the case, so he again is a person of the world. The Bible does not require that Witnesses avoid speaking with him, for he is not disfellowshipped.

    I sent a letter to the PO who made the annoucement just to slap him around a little. What is he going to do? Get up there next week and say they changed their mind and now I'm DF'd! My lawyer said I would have a hard time disclaiming what the PO said. The fact that the announcement was made during a local needs part on a week night during a meeting that the general public is not very likely to attend weakens any claim of slander. And I am going to be shunned by some anyway. Hell, I was treated like crap when I was an approved associate!

    The fact that the J-duds didn't try to DF me for apostacy and let me go as a now 'unapproved disassociate' is a fair victory to me. I wanted out and I wanted to be a real pain about it. And I didn't want to be DF'd. Maverick

  • Mulan

    I figured it would turn out that way. You are disassociated. Same thing as being df'd.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Could you post a copy of your letter ? And what they said about the BN - did they say nothing about that bit?

    Maybe they told everyone that you were just a dangerous snake and not to be engaged.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    maverick; seethey have a legal way around all these things. that's why i like the call the police while they are at the door . and hit them with the harrassment charge. before it even gets this far. you put them on the denfensive from the start!! but i will give you credit you did a great job. now next time they come to your door to check up on you . dail 911 and put them in the hot seat. and get a report . that they are violating your civil ,human , and rights to freedom of religion. etc. and while you are waiting for the police to come , you could get out some wt's were it talks about freedom of religion etc. to read to them while the surprise is on the way. lol I did this once when the jw's would not stop coming to my wife's door. neither her or i were ever jw's. But i told them many times not to come . well one day i kept them at the door and ,said wait a second the iron is on. and i dailed away. well it was the best 10 minutes i ever had reading the wt and bible. knowing what was coming. . the cops were not so happy having to fill out a report. and the jw's could not run away, till it was all over. the best part was when the sisters told the cops they known me for 20+ years. and for 20+ years you have not stopped harrassing me, now you are harrassing my wife and kids. i told the jw's to give the report to my dad and p.o. jones in the co-op city cong. bx n.y. funny they never rang that bell again. john

  • crinklestein

    CLASSIC!!! That's great! I may have to remember that!

  • Maverick

    Mulan: Thank you for your input, I always enjoy your posts. You have a very down to earth no BS approach. Dedalus has a similar style, and though I don't always agree I do think about whatever he writes all day. But In this case I wonder if the DA'ing is the same? They did not DF me for apostacy. They did not contest the BN. What if a person made some minor changes in the BN letter addressing their status as an unbaptized publisher and insisting that an announcement be made that they no longer wish to be known as an unbaptized publisher of the good news? Based on the precendent the GB has set by not contesting the BN and their own stated arrangement outlined in the 1988WT quoted above, would not the person just 'be of the world'? I know in practical terms most pinhead J-duds will not get it and will shun the person. But it would be interesting to see them undo their own mess! I value your and all the members of this post thoughts on this. Maverick

  • Mulan

    You would have to cover every single possibility I guess, and hope they didn't find a loophole to do it to you anyway.

    My niece wrote a great letter, assisted by her divorce attorney, asking to be left alone, because she was going through a difficult time. She listed her work address and home address specifically, so they couldn't get around it that way, and said if they continued to call on her she would consider it harrassment, and would consult her attorney. She also said she was NOT disassociating herself, and no announcement of such, was to be made, or she would consult her attorney for alienation of affection, because they would be attempting to seperate her from her adult children, who are JW's. She just wanted to be left alone.

    They announced she was disassociated at the next meeting. She found out six months later, after thinking they really were leaving her alone. Her children, ex husband, and everyone else, never told her. They shunned her, but she didn't know it was official. She told her attorney who said it was too late to stop it, that long ago, but they could do something if she wanted to. Her decision was to let it go, because she really didn't want to be one anyway. She felt her kids would still shun her, and they would...........and do.

    So, my point is, they will do what they want, if they think they can get away with it.

  • Mulan

    Maverick, you said this:

    They simply announced that I was not associated with the Christian Cong. anymore.

    That is what they say when they announce someone is disassociated. I think you should consider yourself disassociated.

  • Maverick

    Thank you for your imput. I do recall that they use to announce that, so and so no longer wished to be known as one of Jehovahs Witnesses. I heard that many times in twenty two years. But if the person was not baptized they left out any mention of Jehovahs Witnesses. I raised quite a stink by sending out hundreds of copies and contacting DF'd friends and calling the PO and CO some very unkind things. And I know they wanted to DF me for Apostacy but the CO told them to just say what they did and nothing more. I have inside people that keep me up to date. I also have the annoucement recorded. You are very right in saying I am DA'd. But it was not a slam dunk for the Elders by any means. Maverick

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