Extrication via Baptism Nullification

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  • blackguard

    To those anguished jay dubs faced with unrighteous disfellowshipment or its unpleasant alternative, disassociation, here is something which looks promising. It may work better in countries outside of corporate America. The thread can be found on channelc.

    Baptism Nullification Letter

    Posted by Maverick on Sun - Feb 9 - 2:07pm:

    To Whom it may concern:
    After years of diligent, reflective study and consideration with regard to my great love for the True God, His Son and His word the Bible, as of this date(type it date)I find myself compelled to officially nullify my verbal agreement known as Baptism.
    I believe the WatchTower Bible and Tract Society to be a legal corporation which directs, through a governing body, the meetings held by the local corporations and ratified by the membership at each Kingdom Hall. And its correspondences to the local groups are so affirmed. This body of men maintains hierarchical control over each Kingdom Hall as proven in the court case in Bonham, Texas in 1986. Henceforth this "corporate governing body" shall be referred to as the "Corporation" in this formal statement.
    The "Corporation" claims to be the legal directors of the sole religious representatives of God and His Son on Earth, a claim that cannot be substantiated. I, in good conscience, conclude that this constitutes an invalidation of any implied agreement, verbal or otherwise, made by me in good faith with the religious group known as Jehovah's Witnesses. My baptism pledge was orchestrated by what I erroneously believed to be a singularly religious body in accordance with their stated claim that with Jehovah's Witnesses instruction I could have a viable relationship with God and His Son. A pledge, I later discovered, not found in scripture. Although duped, I followed through to the best of my ability, believing the obligations laid upon me were by Gods Word.
    The "Corporation" has proven to be in violation of the impied intention of its religious sub-partner in this arrangement. The "Corporation" inserts unconditional loyalty to IT as proof of loyalty to God and His Son. This was more blatantly obvious by the change made in the aforementioned pledge in 1985. And the "Corporation" requires of its member's absolute acceptance of ITS interpretations of world events and trends as stated truths of Gods intentions and actions. Never, when giving my verbal affirmation at my baptismal swearing in was it my intention to be a party to, or willing member of, any corporation with such a manifesto. Therefore, my baptism was formulated under dubious and misleading pretenses and consequently any resulting conditions of this alleged membership are unenforceable, null and void.
    This statement asserts no malicious intent as to the motive of the "Corporation".
    This is not a letter of disassociation.
    My status within the community at large is the same as a person who was never baptized. The "Corporation" is hereby instructed to amend my membership status in accordance with this statement on any and all records of said "Corporation" and its corporate and or religious affiliations. And the "Corporation" is instructed to file this statement in its permanent records as added proof of compliance.
    This statement is not subject to interpretation or any internal judicial,(Star Chamber), review or AD HOMINEN attacts, as it is my stated belief; I was never actually a member! I contend the "Corporations" power emanates solely from its members abdication of authority. I would never, knowingly, give what is rightfully Gods to men.
    No reply, verbal or written, by any "Corporate" representative is necessary or invited. Any such attempted contacts will be received with the same regard as all other uninvited solicitations.
    "Truth stands tall against scrutiny, only the lie tries to suppress".

  • qwerty

    Thanks Blackguard,

    I will keep a copy of this for future reference. It looks like it may do the job, although I would have to change the end bit to say, I would want written confirmation that they have "taken me off their books".

    I have a feeling that if they would do this, the local JW's would still treat the person as DA'ed! Although the announcement would not be made at Cong level, the Elders would just make sure the gossip spreads.


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Good idea - but it comes across as a bit long. Perhaps something about 'false prophet' might be more succinct.


    To Whom it may concern,

    After years of diligent, reflective study and consideration, and with regard to my love for God, His Son and the scriptures, I find that my verbal agreement known as Baptism is actually null and void.

    My baptismal rite included my acceptance of the society as being the source of the holy spirit for myself. However, the WatchTower Bible and Tract Society has been proven as a false prophet through prophecying, said to be on behalf of God, yet which did not come true. It is now my duty to have no fear of the WatchTower Bible and Tract Society, and as their word and writings cannot be trusted I must acknowledge that my allegiance and baptism have indeed been in vain.

    Additionally, as a matter of christian duty, I am unable to participate in work related to conveying Jehovah's Witness writing or doctrine to others as being the truth.

    Sincerely and in God,



  • LovesDubs

    I cant tell you how many times after I left I was accused of "Never really ever having BEEN a Jehovahs Witness"...ok...well then according to THEIR RULES, if I never WAS a member, they cant SHUN me as an EX member. They want to have their cake and eat it too.

  • Scully

    Although this may keep you from being officially disfellowshipped or disassociated, you can be sure that any action to extricate yourself from the JWs will be communicated via other means. You will still be viewed with suspicion, if not outright hostility, and will be considered an "apostate" for having turned your back on The Truth TM .

    Good luck

    Love, Scully

  • blackguard

    Hi Guys,

    Qwerty--I would argue that asking for confirmation is synonomous to acknowledging WTS control over your spiritual life and this is anathema to this process.

    Paduan--It might behoove the individual considering this method to spend $200 for an hour of an attorney's time to get the vernacular right. I think it is Cynthia Hampton of the LA-OC website on Freeminds links who is an attorney advising xjws and jws.

    I suppose the benefit of this method is the potential for lawsuit against the local and parent WTS corporations. If you're claiming a spiritual condition before your baptism by deception, and hence a reversion to a "worldly" person, should they HENCEFORTH label you, which the jayduds are notorious practisers, then the issue of libel or slander is raised.

    I understand, the author Maverick, has already been labelled and been adversely impacted by the scurrillous practise in a non-spiritual area of his life. I get the impression Maverick is presently making a case by collecting evidence and witnesses for a lawsuit. I should imagine that the individuals involved in the libellous labelling practise that this Baptism Nullification method presents, could also place themselves in a postion to be sued.

    This process or method, as I see it, has multi mutual advantages both for the initiator and those jayduds that wish to remain on speaking terms with such a "worldly" person, either family, friends and business relationships.

  • LB


    I want to hear about the long term results of this.

  • Maverick

    I sent this letter to Brooklyn on the 16th of Jan. 2003. I sent out hundreds of copies the next day to every witness I was able to get an address for in three states. And I sent out a dozen or so copies to witnesses who call my office for work related reasons. This letter has be posted on five web sites for about a month. The results? One phone call by the PO and one returned copy by the CO,( see Baptism Nillification update on this forum). No official action has been taken. I will keep everyone posted. As far as I can tell they are ducking this one and hoping I'll go away. They don't know me very well! Maverick

  • Maverick

    I spoketh to sooneth. Check out Baptism Nullification Endgame for the final solution. Maverick

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