Why is the Bible wrong?

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  • Crazy151drinker

    because I didnt write it.........

  • hooberus

    Tell you what rem, lets get away from all this he said, no I didn't, yes you did, stuff.

    I'll try to carefully present your views as completely as possible. If you feel that I haven't in the past then I appologize.

    I would appreciate it if you would drop the practice of taking a dismissive attitude toward others and calling your opponets things like "intellectually dishonest" when they are simply expressing their opinion on a matter.

  • rem


    No problem. I have to say I'm probably a little more sensitive to your comments of late because I feel like you are always 'nipping at my heels' trying to make me look foolish. Normally I wouldn't mind. If I do look foolish, I want to know and it doesn't bother me to admit when I'm wrong. What I do mind is when the whole story is not presented and I am unfairly represented. That is why I snap back with my comments and rebuttals.

    I accept your apology and I will continually try my best to keep from misrepresenting you in the future as well. Thanks.

    Your fellow JWD Poster,


  • seedy3

    Hey AlanF,

    I have read Carl Sagan's Speculation on this before, but even he only offers speculation on explaining the reason they knew of Sirus B Note my highlights:

    The Dogon have knowledge impossible to acquire without the telescope. The straightforward conclusion is that they had contact with an advanced technical civilization. The only question is, which civilization -- extraterrestrial or European? Far more credible than an ancient extraterrestrial educational foray among the Dogon might be a comparatively recent contact with scientifically literate Europeans who conveyed to the Dogon the remarkable European myth of Sirius and its white dwarf companion, a myth that has all the superficial earmarks of a splendidly inventive tall story. Perhaps the Western contact came from a European visitor to Africa, or from the local French schools, or perhaps from contacts in Europe by West Africans inducted to fight for the French in World War I.

    So really nobody knows where the knowlege came from, but it is their traditions that say they have known about it for a lot longer then sceince did, weather that is true or not {a biblical type of truth so to speak) remains to be seen.

    BTW, I really enjoy reading your posts, they are very infomative.


  • Balsam

    Below are some interesting books to read. The site would not let me copy and paste the web links to these but all you have to do is search and they will come up.

    "Jesus and The Lost Goddess" and The Jesus Mysteries" by Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy

    "Genesis of the Grail Kings" and "Bloodline of the Holy Grail" by Laurence Gardner

    "The Christ Conspiracy" by Acharya S

    Up until I began to investigate the bible it self, and how dependable it is I believed in it. Now I realize that we knew very little about the bible before we bought into it. Hope this is helpful.


  • gsx1138

    Excellent books Balsam. You are correct though, very few people actually want to know about the origins of the Bible.

  • seedy3

    I find most Christians don't want to know the true origins of the bible as a whole, they chose to blindly accept it as the WORD of God, without knowing how it really came about. even the OT has a questionable background when it's history is looked into. The reason most christians accept the bible as "The Truth" is becasue their parents told them and their parents told them and so forth and so forth for generations. Until reciently it was a capital offense to question it. But now that it's origins can be looked into it is becoming a book of question for many.


  • Xander

    Well, the problem is that their faith REQUIRES them to believe it's the word of god (tm). If you can actually show that it came from somewhere else, it's obviously no longer the word of god (tm).

    Many cannot accept that, so they pretend the world before the bible was written didn't really exist.

  • hooberus

    Xander, seedy, gsx, Balsam, can you please provide a relatively brief summary answer to the following:

    Where did the Bible come from then? What other sources are you giving for the origin of the Bible?

    Also is the age known for these sources?

    How long (text wise) are these sources?

    And to what degree are they parallel with the accounts in the Bible?


  • peacefulpete

    hooberus ...thats a tall order. The O.T. was a melding of Jewish origin legend with other Mesopotamian cult theologies reedited through the 3rd to 1rst centuries B.C. under Greek influence. The N.T. was a mix of possible historic kernels, Christian plagiarizing of O.T. stories, Greek, Persian, Indian, and Egyptian Savior stories, Mystery cult practices and ritual, and a hundred or more years of reediting. This information is readily available in book form or on line. Almost any word search ike "pagan Jesus" will produce essays and references. I and other have posted some of these uncanny parallels but you have not seen fit to consider them. This information is no longer in dispute in the scholarly community. Authors like Robert Nash and Shadon Gutherie ,both Baptists, hae published books in an effort to belittle the mountain of research on the subject. Their arguements are poor and never address the issues. Mostly they say," nobody really believes that" when at a loss for what else to say. Or begin splitting hairs about theological differences in an effort to make Christianity appear new and original. I will not engage in a debate. It is worth mentioning that due to the multiple influences upon Christianity's formation authors on this subject differ as to the extent one influence had over another. This can be unsettling to those of us unfamiliar with how research is done. Noone but a few fundementalistwriters deny the basic indebtedness of Christianity to previous faiths, only one of which was Judaism.

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