Today's meeting & WT 7/2015 study "Work to enhance the spiritual paradise"

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  • Mrs. Eden
    Mrs. Eden

    So, much against my inclination, I went to the meeting this sunday morning. Just starting to fade, but I needed to do it so that it doesn't look like my hubby turned my head during last week's vacations. Since I'm not just disappearing cold turkey, I went. Argh.

    I have no idea what the public talk discussed; the entire time my head was focused on the 28 degrees celsius outside, sunny sky, and how much I would rather be on the beach.

    During the Watchtower study, something caught my eye. Paragraph 16 reads:

    16 Think, too, of more recent adjustments, such as the changes in appearance, contents, and methods of distribution of our publications. What a pleasure it is to offer practical, appealing, and attractive literature in the ministry! And when we use the latest technology to spread the truth, such as by means of the website, we reflect Jehovah’s interest in providing people everywhere with the guidance most of them lack but so desperately need.

    The words "Jehovah's people" caught my eye. How is the so-called interest expressed? By providing "guidance" that people "so desperately need".


    Tell that to the many thousand refugees who flee Africa and the Middle East towards Europe, trying to escape from poverty, war, and unspeakable suffering in their homelands. Tell that to those who are dying daily trying to cross the Mediterranean sea in overloaded boats who capsize and sink, to those who are dying asphyxiated inside packed trucks because of those who profit from human traffic; tell that to the little children who drown and are awashed into european beaches. Do these people need Jehovah's "spiritual guidance"?? Do they need to access a religious website to improve their lives?

    Or, instead, do they need food, drink, clothes, shelter, work, education and freedom FIRST? What kind of work is that of the JWs, who simply sell a paradise that never comes? They need help NOW!

    Does the fact that our publications 40 years ago were black and white and now are full color and "appealing" constitute an invaluable "practical help" for those in dire need? Sure, let them eat and drink our magazines and make covers from our "attractive literature". The only work it will generate for them is when they get a job to clean the strets from that trash.

    Sorry for the rant. It really got to my nerves. Btw, with my hubby's help, I'm reading CoC now.

    Mrs. Eden

  • oppostate

    Right you are, Mrs. Eden.

    I still attend as well, and wish I could fade even more if not for my family and especially my very WT loyal wife. So you're a blessing to your husband by being awake to the wiles of the JW(b)organization. But I continue to be Christian believer, perhaps more so than when mentally subjugated to the WT doctrines.

    The works Jesus expected from his disciples and the basis of the judgment is how we give help and attention to those in need, and not how much literatrash or indoctrinating videos and studies we put out there.

    CoC was quite an eye-opener into the workings of the WT hierarchy. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, as I and many folks here did when first reading it.

    During the WT study today I didn't pay attention to much, except how wrong they are about a spiritual temple, Christians are themselves the building stones of that temple, our bodies are a temple of God. I just sat and read In Search of Christian Freedom by Ray Franz on my Kindle, that was far more spiritually enriching than anything brought out by the WT. After you've read CoC I'd recommend ISoCF too!

  • millie210

    Your post is so current and so full of awareness about people and life and what is needed in the here and now.

    All that talk about how much the JWs are helping the world is just a pacifier. They suck on it and stay passively soothed.

    I love your thoughts Mrs. Eden!

  • Diogenesister

    Hi mrs E, yes I too saw the photo of that poor little might who drowned with his family trying to escape the war in Syria. It is heartbreaking, and your post made me realize what was not obvious to me when I was blinded by WT dogma.

    There are many refugees stuck on the Hungarian border and hundreds & hundreds are opening their homes to them in Germany, where they are trying to go. Crowd funding sites are filled with people raising funds to go to open food kitchens & aid stations at calais where many are living in appalling conditions. Not to mention all the donations of cash & goods to the many charaties supporting aid workers in the war zones they are fleeing from. For all the flak the UN gets from the Watchtower, for many refugees they are a lifeline & do more for desperate, suffering & vulnerable refugees than the Watchtower will ever do.

    There is a word for people who behave online the way the WT do about much in the world - they are called 'HATERS'. All they can do is condemn the agencies who at least try to allieviate suffering. NGO's, charities & governments are far from perfect but they are formed of individuals - many of whom genuinely try to effect positive change.....

    As the saying goes all it takes for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing. The WTBTS would do well to consider that.

  • Tornintwo

    Great post, the part of the WT that irritated me was the 1919 claim backed by no scriptural support whatsoever!!

    I wouldn't usually want to admit this, but I think those leaving the jws will understand, I was moved to give to a reputable charity today, first time in years. The last time I did it my extreme jw husband criticised me, saying we can only trust our money with the brothers. Yes it's just a drop in the ocean and maybe it's not hands-on help because I can't manage that right now, but what difference could it make if those 8 million people switched their time and donations to such charities! It made me realize as witnesses we are taught to distrust and look down on charitable work when those workers such as medicins sans frontier, Red Cross, oxfam etc should have our admiration for trying to alleviate some suffering now, just as you highlight in your post!

    (btw on a side point, I skipped the meeting and went to the pool hahaha)


    What a pleasure it is to offer practical, appealing, and attractive literature in the ministry!

    That will eventually become Old Expired WBT$ Information..And..

    Be replaced by New Light/New WBT$ Information..

    That will eventually become Old Expired WBT$ Information..And..

    Be replaced by New Light/New WBT$ Information..

    That will eventually become Old Expired WBT$ Information..And..

    Be replaced by New Light/New WBT$ Information..


  • SecretSlaveClass
    Great observations Mrs. E. The views you express are the very views which brought me to the realization that religion was absolute nonsense.
  • OneFingerSalute

    I noticed that par. 16 also. One super brown-nosing, jack ass MS commented about a, "wonderful experience of brothers in Africa who don't have running water, indoor plumbing or even ELECTRICITY are able to use their electronic devices to access jay double you dot org."

    I started laughing out loud. How do those poor "brothers" charge their electronic devices with no electricity? What a dumbass!

    Another seconded that comment with the praising of that web site reaching all the people in China. Last I looked JDUBYA dot org was a blocked website in China. not accessible.

  • OneFingerSalute

    Another sister commented about how wonderful it was that the litterature was so much more simple than it used to be.

    I couldn't help buy think, "That's right. Simple litterature for the simple minded!"

  • steve2
    If the refugees would stop their running for just a moment and take the time to access they would find all their problems would be solved for we are so very close to the end. Why rush to a new country when you could sit down and drink in waters of life courtesy of

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