Today's meeting & WT 7/2015 study "Work to enhance the spiritual paradise"

by Mrs. Eden 22 Replies latest jw experiences

  • JW_Rogue

    Not sure if anyone else caught this but in one of the paragraphs on changes in org they admit that there was no GB before the 1970s and most decisions were made by the President. Pretty powerful stuff if you think about it. That would mean that in 1919 the FDS was basically just Rutherford. Unbelievable, yet most JWs don't even really think about the articles they just know it is the truth and that's that.

    I also like how they talked about speaking with older ones who had seen these changes and how their faith was strengthened. However, there are probably many older ones whose faith was not strengthened and who instead decided to leave the org. Shouldn't we also talk to them then to get the full picture?

  • smiddy

    If you don`t want to prolong this torture of a slow fade and harassment from those who don`t care about your relationship with your husband and your marriage , maybe it`s time to be a bit more blunt with those who are meddling in your affairs .

    Are you afraid of what these people think if you stop going to meetings ? If so , why should you care ? They obviously don`t have your interest at heart. They just want to dictate to you what to do ,

    .Live your own life.!.....and not the life others want you to live.

    The more you drag it out , your fade that is , the more stress your putting yourself through which could only affect your health and well being .

    Something to think about Mrs.Eden .

    Take care


  • Bonsai

    Beautifully written Mrs. Eden.

    I feel exactly as you do, yet there is no way that I could express how I feel as clearly, succinctly and poignant as your words were.

    As a witness, I felt constant frustration that I was wasting my time and not really helping the people who needed help. I told them a magic kingdom would make everything better and sent them on their way while not actually solving anything.

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