Today's meeting & WT 7/2015 study "Work to enhance the spiritual paradise"

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  • Oubliette

    Great insight, Mrs. Eden!

    It's amazing, isn't it? Once our eyes are opened it is so obvious that this religion is a sham.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • prologos

    This article is supposed to be meat, instead is Bologna (baloney) cheap and all mixed up. example:

    Par 10: serving once is never enough. " the spiritual paradis serves to identify --- those serving--at his spiritual temple.

    par. 12, privileged older ones have seen the org's transformation : yeah, from 1925 millions will never die; to the 1975 start of the millennium to the overlapping anointed generation now. wow! you must have seen it to believe it.

    par15,16 influence of one [power crazed] individual ? the moderating effect of a group was only true during the period of the rotation of positions, now it is back to the old domination role, Coordinator, CO. leading the yes-men.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    The sort of religious person I admire and respect who does outstanding humanitarian/charity work "in the name of god" is Sam Childers. The guy is a preacher who has risked his life and personal finances for years saving kids in southern war-torn Sudan. Imagine Lett or Morris' doughy white asses running around in the sweltering African heat taking on Armed guerrillas and spending their own money in order to spread the "word of god" and rescue kids - LOL!
  • EdenOne

    Jehovah's Witness simply imitate their God....


  • WTWizard

    Do they intend to take care of these refugees? No.

    Do they intend to train the refugees to go back and clean up their native land so they can safely return? No.

    Instead, the jokehovian witlesses simply try and recruit them for their own gain. They remain worthless to society when they push jokehovian littera-trash instead of being trained to help their hosts or sent back to their native lands to fight to rebuild and clean up those areas. Were they sent back and helped to fight to clean up their lands, the migration would have stopped. But simply wasting their lives pushing jokehovian littera-trash will do nothing at all.

  • berrygerry

    I find it ironic that the only commentary done by WT is the book of James.
    The irony is because WT is the antithesis of James.

    If a brother or a sister is in a naked state and lacking the food sufficient for the day,  yet a certain one of YOU says to them: “Go in peace, keep warm and well fed,” but YOU do not give them the necessities for [their] body, of what benefit is it?
    Yes it's just a drop in the ocean and maybe it's not hands-on help because I can't manage that right now, but what difference could it make if those 8 million people switched their time and donations to such charities!

    Could you imagine if those people actually worked those hours, and used the funds to GENUINELY benefit their fellows (as God wants), or else used those hours directly helping their neighbour (Jesus was asked: "Who really is my neighbour?" He was someone of a different f***ing religion!!!
    How did he help his neighbour. He cared for his PHYSICAL [medical, housing] needs.).

    NOTE: Script keeps messing up post. Lots of missing text.

  • smiddy


    I think you have come a long way in just a very short time , a very thoughtful post.Well done.

    That comment made in the W.T. caught my attention , About , " the magazines 40 years ago being in black and white and now in full colour." and don`t forget they were charging/donations for those mags.back then.

    In contrast , it struck me back in 1960 , 55 years ago ,their was a magazine called the " Plain Truth" which was a glossy full coloured magazine that was available free of charge at newsagents here in Victoria Australia .

    If memory serves me correct it had a similar message to the J.W.`s distributed by the " Assembly Of God" religion by Herbert W. Armstrong.

    So Jehovah`s organization was at least 55 years behind his competitor .


  • Splash
    prologos par. 12, privileged older ones have seen the org's transformation

    We had a lot of hands listing the changes we all were aware of.

    In my time in the Org we have had new teachings on when the end is coming, new teachings on blood, on 1914 and on the 'generation', different requirements for pioneers, new Faithful Slave, new donation arrangements, different assemblies, different headquarters, a different and prominent Governing Body, new videos, cartoons and online TV shows, different ministry, new branding (, different weekly meetings, different Sunday talks, everything tablet based, new elder and DO arrangements, smaller magazines, different Kingdom Halls, new songs, new music and a different Bible,

    It's a new religion.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    I am glad you are here Mrs. Eden. You add the emotional and humanitarian touch to the discussion. You can set priorities right. Most of us went for the rational discussion first, and even got stuck there for a while: Many of us would say about the WT leaders:

    "They lie about 607", "they misquote archaeologists, historians, scientists", "Geology does not support the biblical account of the universal flood", "Creationists/JW's have no case"

    But you noticed the more important stuff, that they don't do a damn thing about alleviating the pain of the needy, the sick, the lonely. More often than not, they make things worse.

  • EdenOne

    From the 2015 Yearbook:

    Total hours spent in the field ministry (2014): 1,945,487,604.

    What a staggering amount of time! Now, let's just to put this into perspective: According to UNHCR, the total amount of people dislocated by war in 2014 are 59,500,000 million people.

    Now, if we divide the amount of hours the Jehovah's Witnesses have spent in their useless "field ministry" work, for the number of refugees, each Jehovah Witness could have spent 2h45 minutes each month to volunteer to help these refugees. Wouldn't that be a much more productive and truly helpful way to spend their time to meet true and immediate needs of people, rather than preaching the 'desperately needed guidance from Jehovah'?


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