You? Armchair Activist Wanted - Looking to form a Team of Letter Writers/Researchers

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  • mrmagic

    Are you interested? Looking for a team of armchair activists;

    Purpose: To connect everybody to everybody and to get them to connect the big picture about WTBS which is that it is suspected that Watchtower has a child pedophile/child porn ring within it. (See resource kit for documentation and the mind map posted with this post for the big picture)

    • No picket signs required
    • No fighting, yelling, screaming
    • No risk of jail time
    • No need to even leave your home
    • You can take a break any time
    • No one looking over your shoulder
    • Experience digital empowerment

    No stress, no fuss. You don't even have to wreck your brain on what to write. Letter writing template can be sent to you, so that you can quickly and easily write your own version. A list of contacts with their emails can be sent to you and you can simply copy and paste for the most part.

    Five emails could be done in all of five minutes or less. Do five emails every two or three days. The average person knows approximately 600 people according to NY times (

    So 5 x 600 = 3000. If you sent out emails to 5 people three times a week 5 x 3=15 x 600 = 9,000 people you've potentially reached within a week's time. Of course these are numbers and in practice things always come out different, however, you do understand that whatever little you do can have an exponentially lasting and positive effect.

    These emails go to hubs that are connected to a lot of people in positions of power, so consider that your simple mouse clicks as super powerful tools right at your finger tips.

    This is not an official group, but instead a team of everyday people. This is self-organizing system. Let me know if you're interested by pm'ing me your email address and whether you're interested in emailing, researching or both.

    You count. You matter. You are worthy. You have the power.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Child porn ring? Can you substantiate this?
  • umbertoecho

    Important to give some real evidence of this. It's a bit different from having badly handled sex abuse cases.....but a paedophile ring?

    Any hard evidence. Paedophile rings are something else again, we have all seen the horrific cases from time to time, that literally span the globe and make money from this crime......

  • umbertoecho

    mrmagic, don't get me wrong by the way. If there is some evidence, I would jump on it. This sort of thing is very very hard to prove and takes expert tracking, legal proofs, computers, and on it goes...There have been some truly gifted police who have worked with other authorities globally from Australia to American and Sweden to name a few of the channels they had to plough through. It sometimes took from months to years to gather all the evidence, before there was a well co-ordinated, evenly planned ....can't think of the bloody word.....Sting?

    Then the detectives and various other squads would make sure they acted in tandem so that no computer information could be wiped and multiple arrests were made.

    We've had some really good interactive "attacks" between Australia the UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany.....even American and the Philippines happen. Very impressive coordination from all fronts...

    So please don't get me wrong. I'm just wary about calling the WTBTS a paedophile ring. I just think they are terribly guilty of being cruel and sacrificing children and young ones to keep a "clean organization"..

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Don't worry, I think that is just a personal theory of his, based on the Cano case. The resource kit and letter templates themselves are really interesting. Here is what I think he got the theory from..

    "Police theorize the pictures may be part of an international child pornography ring."

    But let's not focus on theories.

    I feel that now is a good time to start sending letters and emails to encourage influential people worldwide to look more closely at this cult.

    I am working with this guy, he seems all right.

    We are just now working on contacting the Boston Globe..

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi mrmagic, The WTBTS is not the only organization that tried to cover-up child sexual abuse within it (e.g., Boy Scouts of America, The Catholic Church, Presbyterian Churches). You might have more success about writing to strengthen existing laws or eliminate the statue of limitations for third parties.

    I am already writing to politicians and organizations to tweak the Tax Code to protect children from sexual abuse. If you are interested in learning more, please read my proposed draft bill, executive summary, overview of proposed legislation, and a letter template at . If you are interested in promoting a "We the People" petition to jump-start the political process, please like the LinkedIn discussion .

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • defender of truth
    defender of truth
    Purpose: To connect everybody to everybody and to get them to connect the big picture about WTBS..

    I fully support this part.

    I think that he has given the wrong impression here. When you read the kit yourself, that 'pedophile ring' theory is totally unimportant to the theme. There are some great lists of resources, it must have taken a while to put together..

    His template letter doesn't even mention it. Anyway, let's not throw the baby out with the bath water..

    His personal objective or theory won't affect us writing letters, anyway.

    I'm helping with research :)

    Does anybody want to help bring the Watchtower's policies to the attention of those that could make a difference?

  • SecretSlaveClass


    I got them but havent gone through them yet. Thanks.

  • Diogenesister

    Mrmagic please or someone is there any chance of re formatting this post so that it is easier to read please?

    I've also made posts like this - does anyone know how to read it?

    Personally, I have family working in criminal justice/probation service & from what they have said I think it is not at all unlikely.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Can anyone with an interest in sending letters or emails to encourage various agencies and people to investigate JW's, please PM mrmajic?

    We can't do this with just one or two of us..

    The letter is provided, there's a resource kit for free, and it won't cost you a cent to send a quick email ;)

    Thank you.

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