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  • average joe
    average joe


    I hope no one on gets caught for child molestation or any sex acts on a child because then we would get to see what it feels like having people make wild accusations and taking your disgusting act on a child and accusing all of us here of being part of a porn ring!

    Everywhere we go we are surrounded by child sexual predators...... who are NOT in a religion. There are so many sexual predators it should come as no surprise that we find them in religion, politics, entertainment industry, military and every other place on this earth. No government or religion or any other institution has figured out how to prevent sexual predators from becoming an employee or a member of their faith and claiming to represent them while committing horrible crimes on a child.

    The government has failed to prevent sex crimes and it has no idea whether those employed by the government are sexual predators who haven't been caught yet until its somehow revealed. If the mighty U.S. government can't identify and stop sexual predators why do we expect religions and other institutions to somehow have the answer? No one has an answer to this problem.... Every institution whether a government or otherwise tries to keep the horrible actions of one or more then one of its people hidden this is a common reaction made by nearly every one in the world.

    I personally think whether the crime is committed in Vatican city, the government and every other place the police should should be the ones to investigate and handle the situation.

    I will not be participating in a witch hunt. Let the authorities do their job.

    Just my 2 cents.

    I have placed a few links below of police chiefs, police offers etc all arrested for child sex related crimes. These links simply show that every institution has problems with child sex crimes even the institution that protects us from child sex crimes DOH!

    law enforcement charged with child sex abuse

  • Nitty-Gritty

    "Everywhere we go we are surrounded by child sexual predators".

    Apparently there are 298 child sexual predators living within a mile radius of my zip code! Just great!

  • average joe
  • Nitty-Gritty
    Yeah, it gets worse when you zoom in!
  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Child porn ring? Can you substantiate this?

    mrmagic, there is evidence that JW dot ORG hides/doesn't report pedophiles. How did you leap from non-reporting/ hiding pedophilia to conclude there is a pedophile ring?

    As SSC asked:Can you substantiate this?

    You may have a suspicion--but that doesn't make it so.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    To the above posts:

    My post on page 1 explains where he got this theory from. It was bases on one incident.

    The OP was badly worded I feel, there may even be a slight language barrier, but it really is not important to the letter writing campaign.

    The template letter doesn't mention it, I'm not entirely sure why he chose to word the OP that way.

    Possibly he thought (mistakenly) that that was the only way to get attention to the thread.. Don't know.

    The point is, you can quite easily take the letter and kit as a starting point, and then make your own.

    If we share ideas, we can improve things and send letters/emails to the same places. The aim is to contact all states in America and maybe MP's in England at a later date. But we need help.

    Does anyone want to help, or just pick on the OP and not help us at all? (He has told me it is only a suspicion).

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    I haven't checked the template .

    I couldn't get past the red flag"pedophile ring" The wording of "pedophile ring" should have been addressed. Your strong defensive stance lacks one major thing, defender of truth...

    Here's your words, defender of truth:

    "The template letter doesn't mention it, I'm not entirely sure why he chose to word the OP that way.
    Possibly he thought (mistakenly) that that was the only way to get attention to the thread.. Don't know."

    You don't know why he said what he said. Neither do I.

    You don't know what he meant. Neither do I.

    How do you know he didn't mean pedophile ring?

    He said it. Did he misspeak?

    Or did he use it to bring attention to his idea/ thread, as YOU implied?

    Let him address it for a certainty.

    His simple yes or no would have sufficed. If you are speaking on his behalf you could easily find out for certain if mrmagic believes there's a pedophile ring. Or not.

    Another thing....Relax. What you call picking on the op, I call getting down to the truth.

    Secret Slave Class, umbertoecho, diogenesister & average Joe all asked for clarification too. How is asking for evidence picking on the op? Persecution complex much?


    Sure people can misspeak. It happens a lot on the internet.

    Why should anybody trust his words Or your assumptions when he makes crazy ass claims without evidence.

    Those of us no longer in a kingdom hall have become skeptical of people making outlandish claims but then can't back up their words with evidence.

    And, IF he was purposely using "pedophile ring" as a way to evoke/ trigger anger or other emotional responses to manipulate people behind his idea, I'm not interested.

  • mrmagic

    Interesting mix of reactions here. Appreciate everyone's thoughts, opinions, and comments here. If you do not agree with parts of the resource kit and/or the letter, feel free to create your own resource kits and letters, along with your own designated purpose.

    Umbertoecho hi there and thanks for responding. As you can see in the screen shot below, I've highlighted the word "suspected" in my original post. If you do not feel comfortable with the information in the resource kit and the direction of the letter, then that is perfectly fine :) I encourage you to have a look at it to spark your own ideas for letters and/or resource kits if you feel so inclined.

    Abiblestudent, hello there and thank you for your response/information and links as well. Looks like there's a lot of work to do isn't there?

    averagejoe, greetings and thanks for the links. For now, we'll stick to the Watchtower project at hand,however, you're most welcome to deal with police injustice, another important area.

    Thanks again.
    Mr Magic

  • OrphanCrow

    About the alleged "pornography ring"...

    What the judical system allows for, in real terms, is the production, collection and storage of child sex abuse material.

    You can call it documentation of judical proceedings if you like, but the reality of it is that it is a process undertaken by men that do not have the legal authority to generate material dealing with child sex abuse.

    The stories (testimony) that a child gives to an adult man about being raped are vulnerable to being used as child sex abuse material.

    Not only that, but the judical process allows for the rapist to have an audience for those stories to be told. He gets to fulfill his sexual fantasies with an audience...usually with the child he raped actually giving the account. This process feeds into the rapist's and the elders' voyeuristic need for exposure to "forbidden sex" stories.

    When I listened to the RC in Australia, I was puzzled by the number of times that BCH asked for reinstatement and then did not get reinstated because he wasn't repentant. If BCH genuinely wanted to be reinstated, he would have faked repentance. The reinstatement wasn't the issue that BCH wanted to discuss - he wanted to hear all about those sex stories that the elders were going to discuss with him. BCH was getting off on the judical process.

    The whole judical process handling child rape is a pornography setup. The testimony that the elders collect, document and store falls under the umbrella of child sex abuse material. Just because it isn't being distributed publicly doesn't mean that it doesn't serve the same purpose - those child sex stories are vulnerable to being used for the purpose of pornographic stimulation. Pornography does not have to be an image for it to be classified as pornography - the "testimony" that the elders diligently pursue, and keep so secret, is pornographic in nature.

    It should be illegal for the elders to be involved in the investigation of any child sex abuse allegation. The potential for abuse of the system is huge. Huge. Just think of the amount of written material that has been produced by unqualified elders that concerns sex acts with minors.

    Why is the WTS allowed to produce, collect and store the stories of sex with minors? Nobody else is allowed to do that unless they are professionals. Anyone else doing that would have their asses thrown in jail and the key thrown away. Tell me where else an adult man (a window washer) gets to interview children about their experiences in having sex with an adult. And gets to write it down, and gets to discuss it with other men, and then....gets to see and hear that child give details in the same room as the man who raped them.

    The judical system of the JWs is perversion at its finest. In any other setting, what is done in the JW judical process would absolutely be called the production of pornographic material.

  • SecretSlaveClass

    What OC said about detailed accounts of sexual abuse as per Judicial Committees, I completely agree.

    I think I'm on board with this. If I can throw one rock and make it count, so be it.

    unfortunately the OP just chose a poor title for this thread but the intention is great.

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