You? Armchair Activist Wanted - Looking to form a Team of Letter Writers/Researchers

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  • mrmagic

    SecretSlaveClass thank you for thoughts on this, as well as understanding the intention. It is easy to misunderstand things sometimes online.

    OrphanCrow hello there and I'd like to thank you as well for taking the time to post your thoughts. Really, I did not think of the judicial committees in this way, and you do certainly have some valid points.

    defenderofTruth hello again. I appreciate you trying to answer questions from other posters here, however I'd like for you to consider everyone's ideas here as valid and important, even if they disagree with the content/resource kit/letter template. I prefer to answer and communicate with people who have posted here directly. I do appreciate your good intentions and thank you for the time and efforts you've put into things so far.

    I appreciate everyone's input here. In any case it boils down to one of two paths;

    1. You don't agree/like what this post is about. You are not comfortable spreading the ideas presented - Your thoughts and feelings are valid. You have my blessings to continue you on your own path/journey. :)

    2. You may/may not completely agree, but you do want to bring more awareness to the ideas presented.Or you want to explore the ideas with an open mind and do some of your own research on it.

    There is a lot more information to this in the works and it takes some time to go through all of the information. So I believe that I've covered everything. Anything further, you can message in private.

    Thanks again everyone! I am confident that you have been authentic and truthful in communicating your thoughts/ideas/opinions/comments and that is really refreshing. Great group of people here!

    Although I was looking for a few helpers (which some great folks have responded and started working on things arlready). I think the most important thing that has happened is a dialogue and a discussion about the topic that started. Carry on. Private messages will be checked and responded to periodically as time permits.


  • Saintbertholdt

    Thanks for your efforts mrmagic.

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