The baptism is off.....

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  • TheApostleAK

    Told by the elders yesterday that since i'm a official at a sports match on Saturdays and I won't quit doing it (they mention it occasionally to me at meetings), that they won't be allowing me to get baptised the next assembly coming up. It might matter if I was working 5 days a week but at the moment i'm only working 2 days......(I've already racked up 50 hours this month)

    I remember a talk a while back with the theme "What prevents you from getting baptised?" (In response to the problem of youngin's being a unbaptised publisher and not pressing on to get baptised) My answer to that question is "THE FRIGGIN ELDERS!!"

  • Prisca

    Hi there AK.

    Sorry to here about the elders bugging you. What problem do they have with you being a sports official? Mixing with the world too much?

  • thinkers wife
    thinkers wife

    Well Apostle,
    Does this mean you are going to reconsider?

  • LovesDubs

    Id say thats a MAJOR FLAG on that play, Mr. Official. Dont be stupid like I was and ignore it, and 13 years later be caught in hell, losing my family. I think Jehovah just saved you...dont argue with The Official.

  • unclebruce

    G'day AK,

    You'd have to be out of your mind to think you could be a Jehovah's witness and play aussie rules or any other wordly team sport - geez even the inter-congregation footy match was eventually stopped because some smart arse, not mentioning any names (Barney - {Barry McGrath}) bought in a couple of his 'professional' mates. A lot of MS played but I can only ever remember attacking one Elder (Frank Eiwanitza) We had great aussie rules matches North of Adelaide back in the early eighties, but it all started falling apart once the boys started wearing boots with sprigs The footy matches were held in secret for a while but eventually the little pricks had it outlawed (or was it 'out-principled?')

    You just don't seem to understand how ultra-conservative real JW's are meant to be.

    unclebruce, wondering if AK spends his nights sitting around reading his bible based publications in silence or does he watch the devils idiot box and listen to satanic music?

    PS: You won't find many Elders around your way promoting fun pursuits - most JW Elders are'nt a "family mans" arsehole! Geez the silly buggers got their shorts in a twist whenever I took the fatherless boys camping and fishing. (never said a word to my face though :)

  • ajw

    Hey AAK, How about dropping me an email at I will be in Adelaide for at least a few days next week - I have an office in the city, and suggest we catch up for coffee (say). Yep - the photo's real - although I took the horns off ;-)
    Andrew relaxing on hols this week.

  • mommy

    Oh AK,
    I am sorry, but this is a first step at controlling you. How is it going with the girl? You don't feel the need to be baptized because of her do you? I know I felt the need to be baptized so I could marry my boyfriend, and regret it to this day.
    (((((HUGS))))) I will be thinking of you. Take care!

  • unclebruce

    Hey Andrew,

    Long time no see - Greetings to you and yours you old Vampire slayer ;)


  • ajw

    Hey Uncle Moose (c)ApostleAK

    Speak for yourself you old Vampire tracker. I thought you'd DF'd me. Hope you enjoyed your Easter. I'm still enjoying mine.

    I'll be in Sydney next week some time - we should catch up - I think the vampire haunts this site too - was it Yadirf or someone else? Perhaps we could all catch up for a drink?

    rgds to you and yours too,

  • Yerusalyim


    Do you really want to be baptized into an organization that thinks of organized sports as an un-wholesome activity. HOLY COW! Find a real church.

    Yeru (who dribbles when he dribbles)

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