Homo sapiens is also missing (let alone the missing links in between)

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  • iconoclastic

    The word sapiens (from Latin, meaning “wise”) when applied to humans as final evolute, it is understood that humans manifest wisdom in their day-to-day living. One of the features of being wise (which means having/showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment) is about replacing wastages with something better. Is this being done with regard to many of the greater aspects of our lives?

    If individuals or nations try to identify the wastages and find out better ways, instantly the brute in humans will manifest with all sorts of funny excuses. For example, see what happens if some vital suggestions such as the following are made:

    1. Everyone on earth use one word for America. Let us do the same with other words such as earth, water, air …. Why do we need thousands of words to refer the concepts such as them?

    2. Let us avoid all types of gambling (subtle and gross) which has made many rich people poor overnight

    3. Let us do …… (we can make hundreds of such suggestions)

    It is not God that thwarts the unification attempts (as being made in the God-dishonoring Babel episode where God supposedly confused the language of people). It is the brute in us that would resist all such unifications efforts. Brute has not evolved into humans. It is humans that have evolved,or are evolving into brute. This truth remains protected in some ancient languages. For example, the word for selfishness in those languages is swarth which is a combination of the word swa (soul) and rath (chariot) which implies that there was a time on earth when each one remembered that he was a spirit being clothed in physical body which was the vehicle (chariot) of the soul; then humanity evolved into brute thinking that they are just these physical bodies, and thinking in terms of my-ness and mine-ness which are at the root of all problems!

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  • prologos

    let us not fight over resources, but be resourceful and compete to be the best in excelent work, innovation, preservation

    lets forget about the spirit/soul blabber.

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  • freemindfade

    What just happened?...

    My simple homosapien (or nonhomosapien???) Mind cannot grasp these deep things...

  • Viviane
    Wait, so is it God's fault or not that all of your posts are an utter waste?
  • Half banana
    Half banana
    Your steering wheel is missing and so is your destination but have a nice journey.
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    It's not just Jean Luc.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Iconoclastic:- your O.P starts with " The WORD"

    Genesis" 1.1 " and in the beginning "The WORD" already existed"

    So what is" The" WORD?

    What is a "Right "WORD?

    Do we have "good" WORDS and " bad " WORDS?

    Can I read a persons "WORDS" then put them into sentences and paragraphs?

    And if I can must I then search for deeper meaning in " The WORDS"?

    I think language is my problem. I use it to talk about what is in the mind, but I also use language to express my heart. I hope both my heart and mind are sincere in expressing my truth, but to do so I use "WORDS" and so often fail.

    This is why your post was like color to my eyes, a wonderful puzzle of "WORDS" to my heart and mind. But having read it a few times I haven't understood the convictions and ideals you have tried to express .Therefore looking forward to clarification in your next post that begins with " THE WORD"

    The Rebel.

  • iconoclastic

    The iron, when rusted, cannot be attracted by magnet—and magnet can even be laughed at!

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