Hello world !

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  • brandnew

    GO MRS EDEN....!!!!!! GO MRS EDEN !!!!!!! YAAAAAY !!!!!

    HI ☺

  • Munster Abu
    Munster Abu

    Hello and welcome Mrs Eden.

    I'm kind of new here too, they seem an alright bunch though. :)

  • Diogenesister
    MR & MRS YAY!!!
  • Diogenesister

    😉 sorry, got carried away with the romance!

    Hello mrs.Eden !

  • truthseekeriam

    Hola Mrs. Eden,

    Welcome to the forum :)

  • Mrs. Eden
    Mrs. Eden

    Hello everyone, and thank you for your welcome.

    For the time being Eden is helping me with the english language and the handling of this website, so please bear with me.

    i feel that this time I'm taking a firm resolution to leave the Organization, and I am feeling the full wheight of the pressure building up around me - and I even haven't started to really fade yet. So I need all the support and help that I can get, and the experience of my husband with this community made me want to come here as well.

    thank you in advance for your support.

    Mrs. Eden

  • EdenOne
    Cantleave: Much better looking than the tiger
    Pffffffffff ! .....
  • Half banana
    Half banana
    Welcome Mrs E. So glad you have come here to escape the old religion. We'll be with you on your fade...let us know how it is going!
  • Bonsai

    Welcome phrase in different languages. Word clouds concept.

    Hope that covers it! Glad you joined us!

  • Mrs. Eden
    Mrs. Eden

    Ok I'll try to keep you all updated :)

    Mrs. Eden

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