Hello world !

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  • ToesUp

    Mrs. Eden. Welcome!

    You will find a lot of support here. There are so many good/caring people that have so many different stories.

    If the Bipolar thing works for you, I think it is a great idea. The key is stick to your aliment and say as little as possible.

    Happy fade! Keep us posted on your progress.

  • tiki

    Good one ....DJS...

    And to Mrs Eden......Welcome to this fabulous site where people are understanding...nonjudgmental....and truly supportive......enjoy!!

  • jwleaks
    Welcome to the forum.
  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    So nice to meet you, welcome!


  • fastJehu
    Mrs. Eden
    I had this idea; I'lll use the fact that I'm bipolar as an excuse. I'll start missing some of the meetings and I'll say that I don't feel ok, that I feel sick.
    I'll start to fade from the meetings and field service.
    Is that a good strategy?
    what do you think?

    Remember: You don't need any excuse. :-)

    If you give any JW a excuse, they will judge you for your excuse.

    You could say: It is between me and jehovah.

  • Sabin

    Mrs Eden, well hello to you, I think it`s wonderful you & your husband are on here together. . Sabin.

  • SecretSlaveClass
  • Oubliette
  • KateWild

    Welcome Mrs Eden,

    It's nice to know a new JW want to fade away. If you want to use Bipolar and your reason for skipping meetings and you feel confident about it then that's a great exit plan.

    Your exit plan has to fit in with you and make you feel in control

    Take care

    Kate xx

  • smiddy

    Welcome Mrs Eden,

    This is truly the first real step you have made to freedom , and as many of us here can testify ,it`s not an easy thing to do .I had palpitations of the heart and felt guilt stricken when I first posted on a site like this.

    It`s normal after years of indoctrination we have endured .I would sincerely suggest if I may , that while you should progress at your own pace , read up on facts about the religions history , their early history from reliable sources. And by that I mean Elders who have woken up to TTATT.such as Don Cameron`s book available on line at Lulu just for a few dollars , yet worth it`s weight in Gold. called " Captives of A Concept " It explains in plain simple English how Jehovah`s Witnesses are misled by deception that the Organization of J.W.`s can in no way be God`s chosen Religion.Matt.24: 45-47 as interpreted by J.W.`s does not line up with their early history in any shape or form.

    One thing that I have noted with J.W.`s is that many leave the religion , however the religion never leaves them .So they are forever going back and forth in and out of the religion . Why is that ?

    Simply because they rely on their emotions , they have not put the time or effort in gaining factual information about the claims made by the organization that they were chosen by God as his people.

    Facts are what should guide you whether this is the true religion or not .

    Certainly it should not be something decided by an emotional response.

    I wish both you and your husband Mr Eden all the best for the future in your journey for truth .

    Take care the both of you .


    P.S. I hope I haven`t sounded too preachy , it was not intentional.

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