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  • label licker
    label licker

    I should know the answer to this but my memory is failing big time. Our friend just called who is still in the cult. He's been away from it for about five months now. He married a mexican gal who ended up being a scammer. He had his marriage annulled. Today he went back to the hall because he wanted some social contact with so called friends. He told us the coby came up to him and said welcome back since it's been four and a half months you haven't been to a meeting. The coby then said there was going to be a judicial meeting set up for him. And that's all he said. Our friend has bipolar and is not doing well with what they are going to do to him.

    His son has access to his company email and saw that his dad is keeping in touch with us. We're also wondering if the son didn't go to the elders and squeal on his dad. Maybe that is why there's going to be a judicial meeting set up. Can he be df'd for talking to us? By the way, this son was also the guy that broke into his fathers home while the father was in Mexico and stole all his furniture and punched holes in the walls. Then called the new meican wife a mexican whore. Then, the son the following week gave a talk in the ministry school about hard times, hard to deal with and how ones would be disloyal(end times). I swear you can't make this shit up. This religion is for dumb hypocrites.

    So, can one be df'd for marrying outside the lord and can one be df'd for just writing to df'd ones.

  • Schnufti

    I know a sister who married outside the lord and didn't get disfellowshipped, although the elders tried to talk her out of it before she married him. So I don't think they will disfellowship him because of that.

    As for writing to disfellowshipped ones, I'm not sure. I think they are more strict regarding having contact with non-family who "left the truth".

    As far as I know, the elders' book says they can't disfellowship someone before warning him one or two times.

    Anyway, good luck to your friend. How nice to be welcomed by a JC as soon as he got back to the meeting -.-

  • slimboyfat

    Marrying a non-Witness is not a DFing offence.

    Who knows what they are up to. I suggest he simply asks them why they want to have a meeting.

    Whatever it is he's probably best to be completely repentant and compliant with any demands if he wants to try to avoid getting DFed.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Marriage is not a disfellowshiping offence but I think maybe the contact with disfellowshiped ones is. If I have it correct that was why Ray Franz ended up being disfellowshiped.

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    He can be DFed for anything that a judicial committee agrees to. "Brazen Conduct" will be the excuse.

  • Crazyguy

    Just have him show the scripture that says all who believe in the lord are saved then show the one where it says do not judge. You friend needs to protect himself from his kid. Change all his passwords locks on his doors etc.. They may want to Jc him just to see what's going on in his life and if he's ready to confess to some sins because everyone that leaves the Borg goes off and commits sins, didn't you know.

    He should be prepare to deny everything and say that's here say where's you second witness?

  • Diogenesister

    Sounds like he needs a restraining order on his son. I'm so sorry for him. It sounds like he's very vulnerable. I'd advise him to say he got the marriage annulled for spiritual reasons and deny the email...say he must have seen an old one since he keeps them all. Or at worst just say you emailed him.

    He needs to learn ttatt fast if you ask me. And yes he can be DF brazen conduct covers all, although for emailing DF ones he should have a warning first.

  • dubstepped

    Yes and yes. You can be disfellowshipped for anything 3 old men agree on. It's all a power trip and he's not falling in line. I'd say that he's more likely to get the boot bases on talking to a disfellowshipped person. Failure to shun the shunned results in the shun gun being turned on oneself.

  • label licker
    label licker

    They are not three old men. One of them has been in the religion for only five years. He's only twenty-four and knows nothing about the bible or even his own cult. The other one is in his mid thirties relying on his inlaws to dress and feed him and his wife. The other one is the one that plays dirty. He had his cleaning business given to him by his daddy and lives in his daddy's house with his wife. The whole thing is pathetic. They will df him because we kept intouch with him through email and his one son saw the email.

    This is a son who never goes to the meetings and was put in a home recently because he tried to kill himself. He's an alcoholic and drug attic. The father just finished paying twenty thousand dollars for his rehab and the guy is out drinking his face off again. Him and his two other brothers broke into their father's house and stole everything from the house accept one chair and couch. They also punched holes in the walls as well. Then the son has the nerve to give a talk on hard to deal with hard times in the end. What a hypocrite!

  • pale.emperor

    ...the coby came up to him and said welcome back since it's been four and a half months you haven't been to a meeting. The coby then said there was going to be a judicial meeting set up for him.

    Oh, what a welcome!

    Dubstepped it right though, although it'd depend on how much of an asshole the elders were, they could get him on Brazen Conduct.

    BUT REMEMBER!! If he's turns up to the JC, they take that as "evidence that he recognizes the authority of that body". I'd tell him not to turn up, or better still tell them he doesn't recognize the authority of the body and then not turn up.

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