Marrying outside the lord

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  • ttdtt

    20 years as an elder, with many cases like this in mine and other halls.

    NO ONE WAS EVER DFed for Marriage outside the religion.

    This is NOT a DFing reason unless they are not free to marry.

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    He is not having a JC for marrying a non JW, he is having a JC for getting an annulment.

  • label licker
    label licker

    She didn't produce her divorce papers to the judge that married them. And he knew that and has now come forward to Service Ontario telling them. Service Ontario told him that he will have charges against him for knowing at the the time he was married and didn't come forward. I think it's because he got caught communicating with us through emails.

  • sir82

    He is not having a JC for marrying a non JW, he is having a JC for getting an annulment.

    That makes even less sense. "Getting an annulment" is not a DFing offense either.

    Unless, in some twisted JW line of thought...."annulment" = "consider that the marriage never took place" which case if he slept with his Mexican wife, someone might count it as "fornication"....

    But that's a lot of tortured reasoning, even for a JW.

  • redvip2000
    That makes even less sense. "Getting an annulment" is not a DFing offense either.

    Whoah! I think you might have just come up with a loophole for getting laid in the "troof" without consequences.

    Go to city hall, get married, then go on honeymoon and have as much sex as you want. Then go back home and annul the marriage, which is to say, it actually never happened. It's not a divorce, and you were technically married while fucking around.

    Yay for being sneaky!

  • ttdtt

    An annulment is not going to get you considered "scripturally free".

    If you had sex with her - your stuck.

    If she fooled around and that's why you got the annulment, she would have to confess, then the marriage would be dissolved in a way to make you "scripturally free"

    If you screwed around and she didn't, then she could divorce you and both be free but you would probably be DFed for Fing around.

    There are NOT enough details to make a call here.

  • label licker
    label licker

    Our friend had met her in Mexico and started living with her from March until August this year. When she came here to Ontario in August, she wanted to get married which they did. Then at the end of August she went back to Mexico and that's when he got the annulment. At first she said she was a doctor/surgeon at the Western Medical hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico and that there are only five surgeons of her type in all of Mexico. We couldn't find her name anywhere on the internet and called the hospital and they never heard of her.

    She told me that she would inject stem cells into my liver and heart free of charge. Later it was going to cost one hundred and sixty thousand dollars canadian for four shots. And it would be done in a house and not the hospital. She said she had the protocol put in place and that it would go through the hospital yet the money would go directly in to an account of hers. We told our friend she was a scammer. She did this knowing that I was diagnosed with interhepatic cholangiocarcinoma (billiary cancer), had two thirds of my liver removed along with the gallbladder. And now a year later I have a cyst on the liver. She said the stem cells would cure it. BS!!! Now I have a lump and spot on the left breast. She tried to take advantage of something so sick.

    She is in Mexico now and he got the marriage annulled. She now sends him a picture of a box with a cross on it and it's suppose to be their dead baby that she aborted and had cremated at four and a half months miscarriage. She wrote him and told him she wanted forty thousand dollars canadian for the abortion. He said the whole time he knew her, she never once got her period. She just scammed him sixty thousand dollars. She has two kids that are working with her, if they are really her kids.

    He doesn't know now what she had injected in to his stomach three times. They were little brown bottles that she had to mix with some clear fluid. That cost him ten thousand dollars. He has found three of the syringes that she used which were hidden and now he has sent them in for testing. All the other times she wanted to take the empty bottles and needles back to mexico with her. Plus she switched his bipolar meds on him and told him he didn't need to be on most of them so he believed her because she called herself a professional doctor. Just remember folks, his previous wife had just died in his arms from a heart anurisim and it was only four months when he found this mexican person.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    What a tragic story!

    Tragedy one: getting involved with a heartless, controlling "religion."

    Tragedy two: taken advantage of by a heartless operator and accomplices.

    Tragedy three: judicial consequences of the Kangaroo Court of the aforementioned "religion."

    This is lose, lose, lose all the way around.

    Precisely when this very unfortunate "victim" needs support he's in line to get the "shaft."

    Weird how to a "believing JW" that Hate = Love in their "Truth" of make believe fantasy.

    What a tragic story!

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