JWs vs. Baha'i

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  • Gizmo

    It's interesting to know aboout the existance of all these different religions, but fo me to get involved in one or any of them for that matter, ever again, is another thing. No Thanks Native American Hebrew lady...I learnt my lesson, once was enough.

    Been There done that!

  • sableindian

    I DO understand Gizmo. I've learned a few lessons myself on the way. I just mentioned I am a Bahai because folks seemed to want to ask questions. Not asking or forcing or promoting anyone to do as I do. Just here to help if I can.

  • sableindian

    I thought this link was pretty interesting.

    What do you think? I know the Bahais were worlds ahead of JWs on racial tolerence here in US. One of the pioneers for racial equality has a museum dedicated to him in South Carolina. His name was Louis G. Gregory.


  • Introspection

    There should be a distinction made between what a certain religious group stands for and the quality or humanity of it's members. In terms of what a group stands for, most often you can point out good things, that's why people think 'ohh, they're just teaching people how to be good, be moral' and all that when they just know a list of what a group believes and fail to see the belief system as a whole. As far as comparing the people are concerned, that gets to be pretty iffy to me because while you can point to specific facts, it can easily become an "Oh, we're better than you" statement, even if it's not meant that way you run the risk of appearing that way. Spiritually speaking, even if you ARE better than another group in some way it betrays an element of pride - but if you're saying anything along the lines of the ultimate goal is unity and stuff like that, you've just gone against that by such a statement right? The issue then is not so much a question of whether you are in fact better than another group in some way, but rather how you've separated yourself and some other group - that's not the spirit of unity. It's fine to make qualitative distinctions, but if you identify yourself by what you stand for people can make their own decisions based on their values. If there's such virtue in a certain group people can't help but notice, it would not be necessary to advertise it or even compare yourself to others. People come to realize your distinctiveness by how you are, not what you say about yourself.

    I have to admit, I didn't read that page because of the length, I have dialup and access I actually didn't have time for the whole thing to even finish loading.

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