A poll of sorts: How long have you been a "fader" for?

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    First I should probably say something about my situation. I was never baptized so it is a little different for me, but I decided to fade to make the transition somewhat smooth and keep the uncertainty which allows me to socialize with witnesses. I don't want them to know my true feelings about the org, unnecessary to be viewed as an apostate when you are not even baptized :P I also don't want the elders to pressure my family to distance themselves from me.

    1) How long have you been a fader for?

    Started maybe 3-4 years ago, and I was probably finished a year later.

    2) How often do you still get pressure from congregation members and/or family to return as an active witness?

    For me it is only tidbits here and there from my family, they have stopped inviting me to assemblies or the memorial but they still like to tell me the dates ;) But I would not say I feel any pressure, maybe some nudging now and again from congregation members but I rarely meet them anymore. Maybe 6 moths to a year, the frequency will probably drop future with time.

    3) What is the longest period you have ever known anyone to successfully fade? A successful fade in my view, would be someone who has faded for a period of time but no longer receives any pressure to return to active service (completely left alone).

    Not sure

    4) If you have been a fader for more than two years, do you fear you would eventually have to face DA or DF?

    Rephrasing this question to fit my situation: do you fear you would eventually be treated as an apostate because your views got exposed?

    Not really, I am very tight-lipped with my thoughts when it comes to any JWs except my family. And I don't think I could say anything that I have not told them already that would push them "over the edge". I usually update them with the latest apostate news :P Sadly they are uberdubs and always come up with excuses, at least they have realized that what I am saying isn't lies(they even agree that many apostates are genuine...), but they still defend the WT :/

    5) As faders, how many of you are being treated as if you were DF'd/DA'd?

    I am treated like nothing happened by my family and relatives but my friends in the congregation are mostly gone, but by my own choice. I distanced myself from them when I faded. When we meet however we act like everything is fine and that is nice I guess.

    6) Have you faded rather than DA'd due to the possible loss family or is it because you have no network of friends outside the Org?

    Both I guess, mostly for my family.

    7) If you consider yourself a fader how many meetings/assemblies/ field service groups do you still attend on average per month?

    I am mostly faded, the last JW thing I attended was the summer assembly.

    8) As a fader do you feel that the Org is completely powerless over your life?

    As faded*

    Yeah! Liberating isn't it? :D

    After reading your questions I am wondering if we mean the same thing with fade?

    To me it is a gradual process where you remove yourself from the JWs until you are totally out or have minimal involvement with the org. This to avoid negative consequences.

    Hope my contribution helps you even if it is lightly different :)

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    Crazyguya day ago
    Stan what made you quit in 1971? You we're so close to the end of the system of things. Must have been big.

    no--not big. i just knew i didnt believe in god--therefore the watchtower and its teachings were meaningless.

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