Do you find it hard to be around active JW's now?

by EdenOne 43 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Ignoranceisbliss
    I am still in and find that the dubs I am friends with rarely if ever talk about "spiritual stuff". Maybe that's because they don't view me As a fader. Perhaps once they think you are "spiritually weak" how they talk around you changes.
  • punkofnice

    They shun me so I don't have to bother with their innane, beige nonsense.

    O my giddy aunt. Was I like that once or was I a bit more savvy?

    Goodness knows. A worldly(tm) friend of mine says he doesn't know how I stayed in the whacky cult for so long as my personality and thinking just didn't fit. Having been raised in the cult I guess the family ties kept me in.

  • ssn587
    In away, it was refreshing to find out that those supposed good friends disappeared when you held a different view point. It took my wife's death to really open my eyes to the fact that these so called friends were really conditional, finding that out as I had suspected prior too was the real eye opener. Glad I am gone from them, they deserve nothing, neither consideration as human, or those I would help in an emergency. I wouldn't help any of them, I have helped many families in foreign lands but never would I extend any relief or help to witness families. To me they can rely on the governors bodice for help as far as I am concerned. In fact, found an individual, 80+ miles from a convention center so when I stopped to render assistance and Learned that they were jdubs, I just told them to suck it up and left them.
  • Vidiot
    Not too much, but then, apart from my Mom, I don't see 'em too often.

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