Are you angry for having been a JW?

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I remember seeing the ex-JWs parading around outside the assembly like lepers holding placards of hate. We were the righteous and enlightened ones... and they were lost in outer darkness. “Just don’t look at them” was the standard response to their unwelcome presence.

    But hold on a minute why should they want to disrupt the peace of a convention? Why bother taking time and effort especially when nobody takes any notice?

    No one including me stopped to think they might have a point to make! They are just so wrong we thought, and we were so right! It’s simple JW black-and-white, us-and-them thinking. Life is so simplified for a JW... it’s either the holy GB or Satan... no half measures, no subtleties to the meaning of things. You don’t even have to bother your brain to think.

    We on the other hand have used our brains and given it a good amount of thought followed up with research. I am angry for losing my family to this self righteous deluded and harmful cult but frankly, at the same I am also much happier for not being under the Watchtower spell.

    How about you, are any of you still angry? Even years later?

    Shouldn’t we show the Jdubs just how angry we are to have been deceived by the WTS?

  • crazyhorse

    Yes I get angry sometimes. But to really move on, you have to let go of that anger and just look at them like a normal part of life with little effect on you. Besides, showing them how angry you are will only make them stronger in their misguided belief system

    You just can't reason with zombies

  • OneStepOut93

    Yes and no. I was raised in this religion, both of my grandmothers converted when my parents were toddlers. I never go to be like other kids, I never had friends because no one in my hall liked me and my sisters and I obviously wasn't allowed to have my "wordly" friends over. My interest in movies and books with magic were "bad". And I will never experience the "wonder" children experience on the holidays. There are a lot of things I'm angry for.

    But I have a baby on the way. And I know to appreciate the things that most people raised in the "world" take for granted. I'm going to give my child the childhood I never had. They can be anything they want and I'm going to let them know that what they think and believe matters.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    I'm not angry. The religion didn't have too much of a negative impact on me or my family. But I can remember the days when I was in West Palm Beach and there was always protesters. It's funny now when I look back and think how I was taught these people were demon possessed. In reality they probably were abused by the WT.

    Though I wouldn't protest, I definitely understand those that do. I think social media is a better avenue then holding signs.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Yes, I'm still angry at having been duped. I can't blame myself because I was 14 and naïve.
  • username
    Anger eats away at you. The best defence is to show every jw your happy. Don't let anger control you as this is something we were always taught. Anyone who leaves the cult are always bitter and angry!
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I believe my wife drugged me. One day we were a happy young married couple and

    she stepped in the doors of the KH. It went down hill from there. Angry is an


  • ToesUp

    Heck yeah...I am angry. Not enough to picket at an assembly. Just angry on how family has been treated over the years. The abuse issue really gets to me. How they have affected so many lives over the years. You want to scream from the highest mountain, "get out of her my people (ironic huh?)."

    I am angry on how they treat people (really good people) that don't have "positions" in the congregation. I have met some of the most kind/loving brothers who never reached out and they treat them as is they are not worthy of breathing the same air as them. It is so wrong!

    I also have witnessed so many that gave so much to the organization (no education) that are paying dearly for not getting an education. They are struggling financially. They have pioneered, served at Bethel, etc., and they have no nest egg to fall back on. They were told they would not need it. I won't allow my children to follow the same path.

    Don't get me started on the shunning. How can that be a loving provision from Jehovah? Really? Turning your back on your family and friends when they need you the most? It should be considered a hate crime!

    I wish that I could have lived a normal life. I really felt kinda like a freak all throughout my childhood. I don't want my kids to feel that way.

    So much damage has been done by a selfish and greedy cult disguised as a religion.

    Rant over.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    I'm angry That my siblings and I had no choice breing brought into its bullshit and my sister got royally screwed over by it. I left early unbaptized so I don't feel like they screwed me personally. I know what they're doing to others and that really pisses me off.
  • EdenOne

    I don't feel that my life has been seriously hampered by having been raised as a Witness. Would I have made different choices? In some cases, yes. But I also realize that I must own my own choices instead of blaming others for everything. What I'm often angry for is the WASTED TIME and being LIED TO. Those are the things that make me angry the most. Then, historical carelessness of the Organization towards the lives of the rank and file makes me think of the leadership as criminals. Finally, the blatant ignorance and blind intolerance of most Witnesses gets to my nerves.

    But I also realize that dwelling in anger is only detrimental to ME and not to THEM, and displaying anger only reinforces their complex of persecution and their conditioned response to apostates. As others have said, let the media and the secular authorities chastise them and make their life difficult. My militancy against them will be limited to generate awareness about how harmful is this cult. But NEVER, EVER, display anger towards the JW people or bully them. That's completely off limits to me.


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