Does the Watchtower have an official position on Alcoholics Anonymous?

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  • Xanthippe

    Yeah I know your higher power can be whatever you choose, my point was would the JWs allow you to do that, in answer to the OP. Do they only recognise Jehovah as their higher power and would they allow you to use him as yours in AA? They probably wouldn't get to know anyway so why worry. Perhaps they would insist it's the GB!

  • blondie

    I know many jws that used the "higher power" clause. sparky1 shared this quote from an Awake above:

    "There are many treatment centers, hospitals, and recovery programs that can provide help. Jehovah's Witnesses do not endorse any particular treatment. Care must be exercised so that one does not become involved in activities that would compromise Scriptural principles. In the final analysis, however, each will have to decide for himself what type of treatment is needed."- Footnote paragraph 10 Breaking The Chains of Alcohol Abuse AWAKE! October 8, 2005

    It is possible to find groups that are not religiously inclined, even designed for atheists. Remember that the individual groups are run locally and not nationally. Can elders or other jws impose their person views/opinions; for course as the do on many issues.

  • kramer

    I think most elders see the benefits of AA, when I have discussed it with them they conveniently avoid the point that by their definition AA is interfaith.

    Although some of their literature on alcohol addiction is clearly drawn from AA literature

  • OnTheWayOut

    Adding to what Blondie has said, Watchtower officially takes no stand against such groups as AA.

    In order to prove that a particular person was involved in interfaith or false worship, someone would have to attend the AA meeting he/she also attends. And they would be violating the anonymous part by reporting to any group of JW elders what took place with another AA member. Too many problems for them. I am sure Watchtower lawyers would say to "drop it."

    Keep in mind that no matter what reasons they give, such as not wanting to interfere in treatments, the real reason Watchtower would take no stand is so that they are not sued over preventing such a needed personal treatment and someone committing suicide or a crime afterward or being disfellowshipped for their drunkiness alledgedly because Watchtower banned their needed help.

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