Does the Watchtower have an official position on Alcoholics Anonymous?

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  • BluesBrother

    If they say prayers or sing hymns then it would be called " false worship. .. Babylon the Geat, etc" . That would be forbidden to a Witnes.

    If it were just a self- help meeting, then there is no rule against it. On a lighter level, lots of sisters go to slimming groups or keep fit clases. Of course an over zealous dub might advise against it.

  • JeffT
    Seems like kinda a dick move to watch someone getting indoctrinated into a cult all the while just standing by and watching.

    This guy has always had an ego as big as a barn door and didn't listen to anybody else even before he started studying. He's also violating both company policy and AA principals by talking about it the way he does. If we ever see each other when we're not at an AA meeting or on the clock at work I'll take it up with him. There were at least four other people in the room who were pissed off at him for preaching at work, they didn't need me to start a fight over it.

  • blondie

    Nothing official not that stops elders or other jws who present their personal opinion as law. Around here there are meetings without the religious touch for those who are atheists, agnostics, or non-religious.

  • sparky1

    "There are many treatment centers, hospitals, and recovery programs that can provide help. Jehovah's Witnesses do not endorse any particular treatment. Care must be exercised so that one does not become involved in activities that would compromise Scriptural principles. In the final analysis, however, each will have to decide for himself what type of treatment is needed."- Footnote paragraph 10 Breaking The Chains of Alcohol Abuse AWAKE! October 8, 2005

    (If I may steal a phrase from another poster: 'Not supporting, just reporting'.)

  • blondie

    Thanks sparky1; the earliest I saw was in 1983.

  • Xanthippe

    Its part of the twelve point recovery plan to look to a higher power. Are the JWs okay with that being their God, I don't know.

  • blondie

    Higher power is whatever you say it is, not necessarily God.

    It is sometimes claimed that Alcoholics Anonymous is a religious movement. It is even suggested that AA shares similarities with cults. The basis of these criticisms usually stems from the focus on a higher power in the 12 Steps. This might imply belief in some type of supernatural agent. In reality the members of AA can interpret the term higher power as they see fit. It would probably be fairer to say that it is a spiritual program rather than a religious program. Members include people of almost every religious persuasion. There are also many non-believers who belong to this fellowship.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Back around 2000 there was sister in our Hall who was fighting alcoholism. She was before a committee which I was one of the elders and she ended up getting DF for adultery which her alcoholism led to. Of course the counsel she got from the other older elders was read your Bible and pray to God and don't miss meetings. I in turn told her she might want to look into AA meetings. The other two elders thought I was nuts. Well as it turn out over a year later I ran in to this sister at a assembly. She ran up to me and told me she was reinstated then she gave me a big hug and thank me for turning her towards AA. At that point she was 1year alcohol free. It was a small thing for me but I think it was the first crack in my jw box that finally lead to my leaving. After that anyone I knew that had problems with alcoholism I recommended AA. Still Totally ADD

  • DesirousOfChange

    I'm sure Rutherfraud would condemn the AA plan!

  • Diogenesister
    Blondie In reality the members of AA can interpret the term higher power as they see fit. It would probably be fairer to say that it is a spiritual program rather than a religious program

    Blondies right I knew a guy who used to say his " higher power" was his motor bike!

    I think most people know in reality it's the group support that provides the " power greater than oneself"

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