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  • elkatire1980

    This letter was sent to all congregations in Ecuador (South America).

    The translation into english of the letter:


    Subject: Publisher who did not report field service time in the second semester of service year.

    Dear brothers:

    The work in the country is making good progress. In the month of July 86,355 publishers reported their activity in the Field service. This number represents the fifth consecutive maximum. There is no doubt that Jehovah is blessing the work of the congregations to fulfill the commission to make disciples in the assigned territories.

    On the other hand, we have reason to believe that the number of publishers that had activity in the field service was higher. Given the importance of the matter. We want to ask for your cooperation in reducing the number of missing reports.

    Immediately, make a list of all the publishers who did not report a month or more since March 2015. With the help of the elders or servants Group , addressed to publishers and determine if these really did not preach or not deliver the report. Remember that those are very limited because of age or a serious health problem could report in fractions 15 minutes (Km10/14). It is also possible that some publisher could only preach informally a few hours and has not submitted his report for shame or some other reason. In any case, if you find publishers who preached but did not delivered its report , encourage them to do it now and include them in the August report , remember to count twice (or more ) to the Publisher for each overdue report to deliver.

    Kindly do not minimize their valuable efforts in this field, sure you will continue to provide loving support to have become irregular or inactive, so that they can report back within a short period . We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

    End of the letter.

    I think this letter It could be related to this link: 


    It seems they are really worried, there are a lot of people is becoming inactives.

    El Kato

  • ToesUp

    Do you think they are starting to add up the #'s for the previous service year? Are the #'s coming in low? They don't like what they see so they are double checking.

    When I was attendant at the assemblies, we would count and if they didn't like the #'s they would have the attendants re count. Is this similar?

  • steve2

    This kind of confirms what has long been suspected:

    Peak Numbers of publishers often includes combining service reports of many publishers who did not report in earlier months (i.e., the same publisher who did not put in a report for x number of months will be able to retrospectively put in several reports and each of those reports will be counted as an individual publisher even though it is only one publisher's hours over several months.

    For the record, Peak publishers in 2014 was 85, 344 (compared with the number mentioned in the letter: 86, 355.

    In context:

    2013 81,512

    2012 77,323

    2011 75,936.

    Given the letter in the OP, make of these numbers what you will.


    The COs are really hammering service time. Their latest line is, "Jehovah wants you to report service time."

    I guess Jeehoober doesn't know if you've been out or not!


  • Magnum

    I think they are scared or at least starting to get scared of the numbers they are seeing. It seems that they're trying to sort of artificially keep the numbers high - sort of like a Ponzi scheme. Eventually, they won't be able to do it anymore. But I think they want to keep the numbers looking good for a while so they can milk the rank and file of as much money as they can.

    I think that's why they've been concentrating on money so much lately (outright asking, setting up perpetual payments from congregations, taking ownership of Kingdom Halls, etc). They're trying to get it while they can; they know tough times are ahead.

  • iwasblind

    I think Ecuador was always a jewel in their growth numbers but obviously they are starting to leak publishersand are scared - the western countries are not growing - the banned countries are but they cannot promote them much.

    Even the humble Ecuadorians can only put up with so much mind control!

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    Numbers going down!! ...and they are making every effort to hide it.
  • _Morpheus
    Wow theres a thread refering to the same letter in polish
  • steve2

    Message to brothers and sisters from Ecuador:

    You do not need to conscientiously put in a field service report each and every month . Instead, in the last month of the service year - August - you can submit individual reports for all the months you did not report. We will then add up all the individual reports as individual "Peak Publishers". Got it? Fantastic. Jehovah's organization continues to flourish. Look at all the new publishers going out into field service! Brothers and sisters, marvel at the wonderful increase in these momentous last days!

  • jwfacts
    This is normal for August globally. The service year runs from September to August, so they try to get everything in August that is missing from the previous months so as to push the average up. It also helps provide for a potential peak publisher increase.

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