Polish Publishers that became inactive in 2015 will be reported to Branch Office

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  • wifibandit

    Per ohmyjw over at r/exjw:

    I assume that other countries also got this letter to BOE dated 1st September 2015 about sending additional information along with S-10 form (annual cong. report). We got one in Poland. Until wifibandit posts original text, here's a rough translation to english:

    Given the special care we're giving to our inactive ones, we ask your secretary to prepare an additional letter about witnesses, who became inactive in service year 2015. Please specify their names, surnames, age and a short summary about what you think was the cause for their current situation.

    So the Branch wants to have even more control and information. Maybe they want to know about potential apostates? Also, this letter obviously will not be read to the congregation, so R&F will not even be aware that a file in Branch Office will be prepared for some of their brothers without their knowledge and consent.

    The latest S-10-E dated 8/14 that I have doesn't mention including additional information as to why.

    Can anyone provide an updated version? Can anyone confirm if this is going to be done in other Branches?

  • EdenOne

    I can only imagine that this might be part of an effort/campaign to reach out to inactive ones with the new brochure "Return To Jehovah"...


  • sparrowdown

    Their attempt at evil market research, veiled as loving care.

    My guess. They want to make sure they have any potential future troublemakers on file.

    Dossiers on the inactive.

  • freemindfade
    If the numbers start growing exponentially I wonder if they will have to do away with the designation inactive. Because the declining numbers will make a visible sign of a down trend in the religion.
  • wannaexit
    I would also agree with Sparrowdown that they are creating a list for the purpose of identifying dissenters.
  • ToesUp

    Oh...they are worried! Good to hear! Why would you make this effort to list these "dissenters" if people were not leaving in droves?

    So, so good to hear!

    "What was the cause of their current situation?" Look in the mirror WT!

  • DarioKehl

    If it's only in Poland, this is just a beta test for gathering metrics. If this letter is also in other countries, we may have reason for concern.

    however, I can't imagine the GB pulling a stunt that would no doubt create massive negative PR within the bOrg and outside of it.

    I've long suspected since the 90s (when the "kingdom news" campaigns first began, followed by memorial & convention invitation campaigns) that they were just gathering data; how quickly can we print X number of pamphlets? How quickly can we ship them? How effective are the bethelites and elders at keeping a new release confidential before the unveiling at the service meeting? How quickly can each congregation distribute one to every house on the territory and follow up on the not-at-homes?

    with this new "return" brochure, it seems like they may be on another data-gathering mission and 2015 is a year marked for the case study. How many DID go inactive and why? How receptive were they to the invitation to return? Is there a geographical, socioeconomic, or age correlation? Think about it. If you're running a multi-billion $ global corporation in the Information Age and you've just rebranded yourself, data analysis is essential in identifying predictive indicators within your target market. This data will help them more accurately predict bOrg.tv viewership, whether or not donation pledges are realisticly being met, whether or not to sell off, merge or construct new KHs... It goes on and on.

    i seriously doubt the GB will place the enormous additional responsibility on local elders to flush out every inactive member in some kind of massive purge. They want positive numbers on their end of year reports, not negative ones.

    i became inactive in 2008 so I may be safe, but I DID have a sheperding call visit from 2 elders in 2015 where I told them that I struggle with doubts (I did not go into any detail). So.... I am a little concerned that I'd be on their radar since we did reestablish contact in 2015. Dammit. I really don't need the stress right now. Hopefully, this isn't a big deal. I keep telling myself that.

  • sparrowdown

    If they made such a list in my area there would be twice as many on the inactive list as there are going to meetings.

    If they are stupid enough to think there would only be a handful they need to think again, where I live there are literally more of us than there are of them.

    The task of documenting them for a file would be a mammoth undertaking, that most elders have not got the time or inclination for. I can see a lot of publisher cards going missing and collective elder body amnesia occurring.

  • campaign of hate
    campaign of hate

    This is weird.

    They already know why people get disfellowshiped.

    The big question mark is inactive people.

    It's quite worrying them knowing everything about everyone.....

  • wifibandit

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